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Aaina khan Jun 2018
There are Footprints on the Sand as we Walk,
The Waves will come and wash them Away,
But, with the Ocean, Our Memories will Stay.
And then till Eternity,
The Ocean will have, A Story to Say.
#stories- the ocean knows
Truly Lustful Jul 2018
Pitter Patter
Along the ground
Sometimes silent
Sometimes deafening

They never stop
But when they do
Their life has been taken
Or they've stepped on you

Not too small
Not too big
Who do they belong to?
Do you know yet?

Ever heard an elephant stomp?
A mouse scratching along the floor?
These sounds radically different
Yet something we can't ignore

The question isn't the sound
But rather the footprint
As we all sport a unique one
But which one truly is the biggest?

Some would think, elephant
Probably not you though
Maybe even a dinosaur?
Don't let your mind overflow

It's as simple as you think
Most have already figured it out
Now go outside, take a heavy step
Make an imprint.

Is it all coming together?
It should have already
Us as humans
We're the most deadly

No matter how big it is
To the eye it's small
But we reign supreme here
On this earth, our home

Next time you see a print
Be it Dog, Cat, Lion, or Deer
The calendar lies
It's always our year.
Lily Jun 2018
In the sand,
We met each other,
And names exchanged between friends
Turned into faces with personalities,
Characteristics, and ambitions.
In the sand,
We played together,
Building homes out of sand,
Pouring our heart and soul
Into the project,
And each other.
In the sand,
We walked together,
Side by side, hand in hand.
Bright sunsets become a backdrop to
Meaningful talks, important words,
And shared smiles.
In the sand,
We partied together,
The firepit blazing under the stars,
Music blaring and friends dancing,
Their forms basking in the fire’s glow.
In the sand,
We argued,
And harsh words were hurled,
Not unlike the terrible stinging sensation
Sand creates when trapped in your eye.
In the sand,
We parted ways,
Under the same sunset backdrop,
And I watched your footprints
Fade away.
In the sand,
I lay there lonely,
Babies crying and mothers yelling
All around me, with me trying to
Fathom the reasons why you left me.
In the sand,
Like a loyal leatherback sea turtle,
We came back to our beach, and
With tears in your eyes and
Sand in your hair, you apologized.
In the sand,
You apologized for your selfishness,
The way you jumped to conclusions,
And you confessed that you had never,
Ever forgotten me and our beach.
A year later, in the sand,
You went down on one knee,
And after saying yes, I thanked God above
That I had fallen in love with you
In the sand.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
I will leave my footprints
on the grains of life
Have the chance to look
back, and smile at success
that walks before as
well as behind me
Dreaming hard! And fuelling my hope! :)I
Ive almost have 80 followers! My heart's going through the roof!
Thank you all so much!

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Footprints left in the sand
here I am walking with the blues
Nowhere specific to go
No thought nor plan beforehand
***** mind, no body ruse
Before I get real low
A beach walk to wake my talk.

Listening to my inside mind
As one footprint follows
Footprint not too far behind
Moving, just to hide
The loneliness inside

***** feet, pocketed hands
Imprint a time inside of me
A time of shifting sands
Unsettled like the beach dunes
For awhile, oh so temporarily.
Poem written for a friend who was going through a divorce and to I felt empathy with him. The poem has been published. I made one alteration.
thund3r-bird May 2018
i hate snow but i love winter
you always told me i was a
walking contradiction
but this time when you left
the snow covers the ground
and hides the footprints laid forgotten
when you walked out of our front door
without saying
and now my hearts shattering
into a million tiny snowflakes floating
around the sky until it turns to a blizzard
because the more I think of all the fun we had -
the harder the snow falls
swirling around my head like
all the memories we created
just like the snowman in our yard
but eventually the sun came out and he melted
his nose and button eyes falling to the ground
as fast as I fell head over heels
for you
and now I remember why I love winter
but hate the snow
Kellin May 2018
I have let you make footprints
in this town,
And it's haunting when
you're gone
KM Hanslik Feb 2018
January rattles her limbs with cold,
buffets her body with ice;
it’s been months since she left her hero.
She last saw him in the spring,
beneath the magnolias
She last saw him with his hands in his pockets,
and wanderlust in his eyes.
(She last saw him
waving goodbye.)
She last knew of him
walking some stormy shore,
a single set of footprints
where two should have been.
Poetic T Dec 2017
Her ******* were like damp snow,
       teasing but letting my fingers
tread lightly.

She felt ever motion, the imprints
of my wonderings were left
                in the cotton of damp fingerprints.

I never went below the snow,
just treading lightly,
       is enough to make her moan.
Smriti Ranabhat Oct 2017
Dear moon ,
If the sky itself could collapse
And you could fall
I would hold you on my palms
Cause only your daises and twilights define me
The fade knows my darkest secrets
The reflection kisses my wildest dreams
The scintillate stares at my deepest desires
Just look like plaster of Paris
So ***** with footprints
**** with no color
But still I like you the most
And still love your dark side
Moon is similar to me cause I also have a dark side
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