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Dovey Nov 2019
Blood’s been leaking from my heart
For quite some time now
But you swear you could put an end to that pain here and now
If I let you
And blood’s been leaking from between these thighs
Since I was a little girl
And you swear you could end
All that pain too
If I would just trust you
Dovey Nov 2019
Somethings in the air
feels like there’s something
In my heart
Fall’s creeping in, love
I can feel spring depart

My ribs won’t get frosty
So don’t think you’re so special
Your loss won’t cost me
My flowers, my petals

Winter isn’t coming in yet
I hate to inform
Think I’ve just got chilly, love
Think I’ve just lost what makes me feel so warm
“So warm, I feel so warm”
She said with eyes on your form
“Cold, I’m not quite cold”
As you slipped out her hold

Think nothing of it, this isn’t like frostbite
You’ll never see my heart go white
With snow, with frost, with ice
Couldn’t care less, I guess
That’s just my mortal vice

Winter isn’t creeping in, love
I hate to let you know
I think my heart’s just chilled, love
Not sad
I’m just, so-so
Winter isn’t coming in yet
I hate to inform
Think I’ve just got chilly, love
Think I’ve just lost what makes me feel so warm
not sad, just bored?
Dovey Oct 2019
You make my head turn to gelatin
Shake my heart, rattle my skeleton
A simple word, suddenly fell again
And maybe I’d confess if I wasn’t quite so hesitant

This one’s on me, love, I’m as stiff as a mannequin
Maybe we’d get somewhere if I loosened up now and then
Maybe I’d get somewhere if I grabbed your hand and then
Started things off with an easy
But that’s hard to pull off when your heart feels like Jell-O
Dovey Aug 2019
If I let myself alone for even a second
things might slow, and I'll go reckon
With the **** that I pulled
The **** that I did
Don't have that energy
I'll sleep instead

This couch is so cold, your arms even more so
I let them wrap 'round my torso
Don't think I'm in love, know you're not either
Otherwise, love, wouldn't you leave her?
But maybe I can't and that's just the thing
Everyone's heart is controlled by red strings
But mine just feels lonely
Mines just afraid
I've never had ludus feel like more than a fling
I can't tell if I truly want this, or I just think I do
Dovey Jul 2019
My whole mood is pink lemonade
One minute, melancholy,
next got me swayed
into sweet besitos, my love sugar-free
I'll dilute this taste with cold iced tea
Excited to get back into writing
Dovey Oct 2018
In a world where Pluto is warmth
And space ripples endlessly beyond her feet
That silly alien cried
Because her chest was made of mostly dark matter
And even Nobody circled out of her orbit

In a world where the heavens are empty
A little girl threw herself
Down down down towards the earth
And the stars clawed her as she fell
Scraping at flimsy skin but she smiled
Because she was so warm
So warm
And she crashed head first
Into the arms of the earth

And her chest fluttered with stars
The people who loved her
Said it was so beautiful
How unearthly she was
And she laughed
And laughed and laughed
Because here the stars are close
The sun is so warm
Her eyes
Are so warm
Dovey Jul 2018
Let me build a nest inside your chest, love
Let me build a home inside your heart
let me fit right in between your ribs, love
Make it so that we can never part

There's a pretty bird inside my chest
Locked in an ivory cage of bone
And it flutter flutter flutters to your song
I think that she might want to sing along

Somewhere in your body
Is a cherry blossom tree
Your mouth continuously spills petals
so amongst your branches my bird settles
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