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coqueta Oct 2023
it's your eyes
wider than a full moon
blown up big like a 90's cartoon
and the tears keep falling, falling
so much that i assume
in your body theres no room
thats why youre always bawling
coqueta Oct 2023
ruby red lips like a renaissance girl
and tumbles of black, black curly hair
youre larger than life as i sit in my chair
and shrink under your devouring stare

You're my knight in shining armor
You're the beast I need to vanquish
[You're the source of my stress and all of my anguish]

the little princess you sought to ensnare
is a ruddy-faced ***** not a maiden fair
this pretense of intimacy and still im aware
who it is you're going home to.
coqueta Jul 2023
i could cry an ocean’s worth of tears and collect them in a bowl
just to prove how deep my love would go
could reach deep into my throat and pull out my bleeding soul
my love
just name what i gotta do
to prove that ill be true

i think i could kiss you if i got high enough
and thats an issue, thats a danger to my self esteem
really, i insist you dont entertain me
i get so foolish when you let me daydream
[might just **** around and make a problem]
its anguish, the thought of ur hands at my throat
thoughts of you all seem so sweet
sitting beside you, our shoulders are brushing
sneaking glances i pray are discreet
[your lips, your hair, it all makes me stare]
you’re so pretty i think i could fall in love
and im so scared of what you think of me
that i cant meet your eyes, cant relax at all
cant stop chewing on my lips thinking what could be.

you make me want to lay my love in the sweaty palm of your hand
look what you've done to me *******
make me wanna bare it all because i know that you'd understand
my love
just name what i gotta do
to prove i could love you
coqueta Jun 2023
I want to fold little bits of myself and put them away on a shelf
till all of me is condensed so soundly that I become impenetrable
and nothing can hurt me.
I want to curl up into a tight little ball atop my mattress
and have someone brush the tips of their fingers
against my forehead -momentarily-
but otherwise be left where i am alone
the fan is spinning
and nothing can hurt me.
I've closed the door of my linen closet,
left myself in the dark,
nestled away between the kitchen towels and cleaning rags,
with a sigh.
Yes, I can't stop sighing.
Don't let anything hurt me in here.
Don't let anything in.
coqueta Jun 2023
as cynical as I am, my love,
my heart is but a girl's
your easy smile and your soft voice
makes something inside me unfurl
like the petals of a rosebud eager to bloom
and ****** you with its sweet perfume
i hate to admit it
but i know im quite vapid
[if you're kind to me]
then i'll fall rapid[ly]
gambling my heart like
i've nothing to lose
i pour out prose
for an unwitting muse

O Witty boy, my Odysseus
I've never known a love like this
I know, I know, you're not my man
But I'll take your love however I can
coqueta Jun 2023
Everything that once was mine now somehow is his
I even changed my lip balm so I wouldn’t taste those kisses
The vanilla bean flavor just brings me back to when I was yours
I’m the only thing of mine you don’t want anymore, so

I don’t wanna belong to me, love, just you, only you
Won’t you tell me? What it is I have to do to
to get you off my mind (what’s mine is yours and yours is mine)
Cuz rn I fear my mind and heart is occupied
By just you, love, only only you
coqueta May 2023
Love can leave your heart in a little less than a year
It can fade away like spring snowflakes and completely disappear
Or dry up and leave not a scab or a scar
Yes, it's incredible how quickly love will leave your heart
With absence comes apathy that grows the further you are
So I plant tulip bulbs and hope for a fresh start

I will not fold my hands and let it
be as it may
So I adjust my skirts and stroll off
to seek out the day
I won't wait for you to love me, I'll just
capture the sun
and fasten it's rays to my beaming heart
so I might shine my love on someone else

Against you my heart continues to harden
But my love shall blossom into a beautiful garden
with roots that reach down way past my toe tips
and admirers who come and water my tulips
Friends who stroke the petals but never pluck my flowers
who lay beside me and talk for hours and hours, basking
in the warmth of loving and being loved.
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