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Aspiration bane of your existence
Slowly kills you without any prescription
Pushing yourself for better tomorrow
Returning empty handed full of sorrow
Expectation kills you
Aspirations bills you
No blue print to follow
An empty vessel searching for borrow
Words are thrown
Taunts have burned
Killing the inner bird
Humming the victory odes
Flying ceased
Senses freezes
Aspiration to conquer all stopped
With a flat line and a beep!
Em MacKenzie Jul 29
My head in my bed doesn’t work quite right
I’m awake until I break, day and night.
With the voices and the choices that I wish to expel
and the deepest of the secrets I could never tell.

My brain; a stain inside my prisoned skull,
I sharpen it, spear from stick, but it’s too dull.
With the facts free, how they trap me, but I never tried to run away,
my feet sore, a path I’ve taken before, but could never stay.

The ivory teeth chomping away at my sleep,
in vain I try to get high, but I’m just too deep.
With the last of my past that I try to forget,
so I reprise a sunrise but it becomes a sunset.

My head in my bed doesn’t work quite right
what will it take for me to break and appreciate the light?
I rejoice in the choices that I can’t repel,
and the cheapest of the secrets of how I fell.
Your heart beats silently,
Is your love as still as your heart rate?
rain poured outside
the wind howled in pain
the night you walked away
and my heart flatlined.
Coursing through my veins
Like venom after bite
Slowly becoming paralyzed
Fighting for my life
Choking on my *****
Vision black as night
Pulse about to flat line
Thats what your love is like.

— The End —