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Andie Jenkins Jun 2019
Pools of heat we play in whenever,
A Love so grand an endeavor
But romance is dead forever
Where is it found and how do we follow?
In truth we’re only left to wallow
Because romance is dead forever.
Let us and me and you scorn them,
The rulers we believe condemn,
But no more are they worthy of attention
Because romance is dead forever.
If it shows only dark and dreary endings,
Why must we keep going on pretending?
While why is only a question
And time is only a piece
I hope to give a suggestion
That without a love forever
We float a little higher, little longer
In our own, worthwhile release
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Love is gone

All the times that we had, like a star they explode.
Now they are to stay gone and you are no longer all that I know.
What I need; what I had.  It is all gone into the past.
Like a piece of history, she is gone and she is never coming back.

It was us until the end and now we are not even friends;
Just an ex on a life map and there is no turning back.
There is no way to recall all the love that is now on the floor.
Shattered dreams are all gone and now all I can hear is our song.

Now I just keep on playing it on repeat;
I keep a piece of you inside of me and I have lost a piece of me.
We were broken by three and now we will never be.
Just a memory of what we were;
Just the fading traces of our lost love.
Just a painful heartache;
This result feels so unjust.

All the love that we shared
And all those times I thought I would never forget;
All those memories I wanted to keep inside my head.
They are all gone now…

We cannot say what we want to tell each other,
Without sounding mean.
It was meant to be you and me;
Now we have lost out on everything.

All the pictures I will delete;
I do not want a single memory.
Not a thought of you to cross my mind.  
My mind is made; we have had our time
And if I could turn back time,
I would take back some of the words that I said;
But I just cannot forget,
What we have lost…
Now this love is dead.

They say move on with your life,
But I cannot because you were my life
And now I stand here alone,
With your number still on my phone.
If I do press delete, then you are truly gone
And this is truly it.
I wish it didn’t have to be,
But it must, but still…no delete.
My finger waits over your name;
I could remove all my pain,
But still I cannot remove you from me.

Now all love is in the past, afar, just as you are
And as I walk down the street, I see you talking in a bar,
With a smile on your face, with another man in my place.
Oh my God, I hate this day!
Why could I not just find a way,
To give you what you needed from me?  
It was never me that you needed.

It was him or anyone else; I am simply gone.
I am now lost in my own nightmares.
I only wish that you could still care;
But you no longer do, so I say you never did.
This does not heal my love;
It is truly broken,
Because I am so stupid.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

The winter is haunting soon.
I embrace the darkness beneath the moon.
I am all done wishing for the sunshine to stay.

All I want for Christmas is,
A place I can just give the whole thing a miss.
To me it’s just another day of misery.

When snow is falling all around, moods can swiftly change,
But mine will always remain down;
For I am helpless in my own self-pity and I will always feel this way.

Dark thoughts are all I keep inside my head;
The nightfall is no longer a friend I know.
Love is my enemy, because love is dead;
All the questions I ask receive a negative reply…no.

Can I be loved?  Can I learn to trust?
Will I ever live a long and happy marriage, or will I never become us?
There are many questions that will never be answered;
Of that I am sure.
Circumstance took my only chance at redemption,
From a life I must endure.

I can tell no lie, nor can I swear a pact;
But at least I can criticize my life of lies,
Because I know exactly what I feel about that.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jemma Jun 2016
As dumb as it may seem, after all the bad times, she honestly thought it was meant to be
Despite all of the do not cross, slow down and proceed with caution signs she thought she was ready
Tear after tear, heartbreak after heartbreak, she still didn’t get the memo
You see because, he said I’m sorry and covered her bruises with that Band-Aid
All awhile his love for her slowly fade
Those butterflies in her tummy made her think she was in love
But that was just a sign of uncertainty from the one above
But she couldn’t let the boy of her dreams go because she couldn’t sleep at night
Even though deep down, she knew something wasn’t right
She went through 5 long years of pain, suffering, defeat and denial
While he enjoyed lust, the fast life and a couple girl trials
Attempts to speak to him and tell him about her problems was a lost cause
Because he didn’t care about her anymore because his love life now had no laws
Then she told him she loved him and waited for his response in return
10 long seconds of waiting made her stomach churn
Then she realized that their love wasn’t meant to be and she painfully asked herself
Why??? Why did this have to happen to me?
Then he looked up and whispered, you know I love you too
But they both knew that what he said wasn’t true
So she took a deep breath and she quietly said
Its official, the love I once had for you is now dead!

— The End —