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Sofia J Coman Dec 2018
A Haiku

Can fish perceive pain?
Some of us say they cannot,
so we can hurt them.
Glenn Currier May 2018
It doesn’t take much to find excuses
for avoiding the unpleasant,
things for which I can find no uses
at the time - find no reason or rhyme.

Truth is, I don’t tax my mind to think of that reason,
don’t imagine how much good it would do,
don’t think how this is just the right season
to do this thing I don’t want to.

But oh how hard I’ll work to think
of ways to do this thing I love to do
find the recipe for that yummy drink
go to the game, find its venue.

I’m so very skilled and do it with ease
thinking of a good dodge or ruse.
This kind of creative work is a breeze
how skilled I am making an excuse!
Hari DR Sep 2017
I am not who you want
I am not who you seek,
Do not let me wait,
For a love that is bleak,
I know my eyes don’t sparkle,
Like the stars in the night,
Nor the spring of emotions,
That keeps your life a light.

You don’t need to look back,
My heart can still breathe,
Do not even dare peek,
If it will eventually bleed,
Fly to the sun, the moon, the stars,
Dare not wish for my weary arms,
Leave me as I am, broken in grief,
I promise, this pace, will be brief.
Slap me with the truth and I will say you indeed loved me. Drown me in lies and I'll curse your existence. Or maybe---I'm just in denial, that love is indeed cruel or I am just unlucky. (I am not putting words in your mouth--just tell me you don't like me)

Sometimes---we just don't like pain---do you know your defense mechanism in love?
Don't worry about making excuses,
I've already done it for you.

— The End —