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Yashashvi Apr 4
turns out that the wounds you can't see are the most painful
yet the scars formed by those wounds
will always remain,
would you dare to let them heal?
Yashashvi Mar 24
struggling with head and pen
to write something which you can only feel
as to realize poetry flows in you like blood
is the most painful thing one can experience
being poetic is born instinct in everyone
it isn't trait but needs to be built-in hard
so my dear don't just give up
look for inspiration every word , every poem
until you find answer to this question
"how can i write how i feel in my bones?"
I am here looking for inspiration to write . I hardly find words to write these days and I guess most of us go through same and this made me write "
Yashashvi Feb 15
those eyes see me as alloy
resilient-hard enough
it wasn’t easy i had this one metal
i let myself diffuse in yours and theirs
then i burnt my body while dampening
to form hard solid, as you see i did ;
but the metal didn’t form hard
it corroded within no time
so, i put wax on it
yet again those eyes see me as virago
if this defines a new generation warrior
then everyone of us is a warrior
but isn't folly to state life is hard
even before fighting against the fate

as for me i would like to call myself a real warrior the moment before my defeat cause i haven't given up before trying , and success it doesn't matter if i don't regret ;
Yashashvi Jan 22
Sometimes they flow as river
But unable to hold in hands
Sometimes cold as ice able to hold
But not for a long-time
Sometimes like fog able to see, feel
But unable to touch
Sometimes like snow flake able to touch
But runs away along the wind
They might change; may be harden for a while
Or maybe cold or may be warm
Nonetheless they are pure
Because I have seen the water in them
So, I believe they are descendants of water
Every time I miss the pureness
I search them:
Sometimes in tear drops
Sometimes in rain drops
Sometimes in dew drops
Cause they are the cry of nature
Yashashvi Jan 8
Mistakes are of thorns
they are like fungi
let you down slowly
they don't wither
do people dare to touch a cactus
do they?

while reading the book ,
Maura unpleasingly began to prepend
"don't cactus bear colorful flowers after all ?"
thorns may bide forever
not surprisingly the lesson taught
makes them worthwhile to appreciate scars
Yashashvi Jan 2
Ever pondered how the inexpressible beauty can be described in the few letters yet knowing the word beautiful defines itself in other words.
I just wonder how I fell in love with alphabets : words
and question myself , "Am I appreciating them good enough?"
or haply can you see it?
Yashashvi Dec 2020
if i have to go through anguish
to write sad poetry
      will you teach me how pain hurts?
       ( I started to search for the words )
I make sure to wipe your tears
since you will make me learn
how to feel at ease

"words can rapture aches and words are raptures of hope"

so let me ask you ,
how do you do ?

                   - from your unknown
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