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I wish I was a bird
not because they can fly
just because i can desert myself
when I grow my first feathers
without any worries
I can wake up to morning sun,
dance in the dew drops from leaves
I can find my own food
which would be my only quench
I wish I was a bird
so when I feel homesick
I need not to worry cause
I don't remember where I belong to
I already have a new hideout from predators
and lastly when I'm  tired of the places
I can fly to clouds, moon, stars
without any spacecraft and permission
cause there will be no one to drag me down
sometimes it feels better to escape from the present and live the thoughts which for probably don't happen just to satisfy ourselves
Yashashvi Oct 17
those forgone days ;  the olden days

where the winter day feels the shortest of all ( winter days are longest)
the coffee in my hands no longer hot
because I was busy staring
the caterpillar hiding under leaves
so the dew drops won't fall on it
I know I won't understand
the cankerworm creative walking
yet I would stare foolishly
covering my legs with the blanket
watching the clouds moving as snail
through my window
the brush time ; when I breathe out acting like I'm smoking
where my hometown
looks like heaven with foggy mist
the birds bathing in dew
the night walk where I'm not even accompanied by my shadow
my ears sensing cool breeze passing through
touching my cheeks turning them red
the leaves shut down dancing along
finally when I can't even sleep
because the stars are calling my name

I want to live those moments again.
I didn't know how to pen it down , but I felt like sharing because this things matters the most for me

people don't tend to realise the little things that makes them happy
I wish everyone can see them and be happy that those little things can take  their sadness away
Yashashvi Oct 7
the word bothers me the most,the word which i want to understand although never i happened to know what it means then i found a answer through mirror,that can never relate.a reflection from another world smiling as like me but never did i knew myself i smile so beautiful,never did i knew i can look so pale with no smile.the crazy reflection of my ownself. perhaps it wasn't the anser i want, because it cheated me everytime.the mirror failed to show my thoughts and the real me who is hiding inside yet lately then i realized i was smiling knowingly all these years
is this really what the fate is?
deviceing oneself!
birth of human
death of human
things that always makes me eager to know , to understand
most specifically existence of human
Yashashvi Oct 5
if there's a language for pain
may be i can understand the depth of their scars
if there's a language for cry
i will to savvy the each tear rolling down the cheeks
if there's a language for feelings
may that be my dictionary
if there's a language for gratitude
will i be able to pay my parents with words
if there's a language for love
may i crave those words on heart
if there's a language for breathe
could perhaps i can understand the heaviness of sigh
if there's language for life
may i perceive the purpose of bloomed flower
if there's language for death
i mightly to believe afterlife waiting ahead
if there's language for soul
i wish to learn how immortal it is
if there's language for eternity
i would like to know the meaning of endless
if there's a language for divine
may i understand the actions of his almighty
Yashashvi Oct 5
when water can change its forms
in accordance with the sitch
how do you expect the person
to remain same through the ages.
Yashashvi Sep 30
he has a heart of ocean
where no tide can ruin him
he has a soul of colours
which embrace every emotion beautifully
he has the guts to be who he is
he is the lover , a secret keeper
an untold truth , a mystery of mojo
and a pop up to my happiness
he is my resume of life
a pause for my every misery
he was mine , he is mine
and will be mine forever
Yashashvi Sep 30
he who gazes into eyes
will he be able to seek the truth
he who holds the hands
will he be able to feel the insecurities
he who hear the words
will he be able to learn the heart
he who smiles along
will he be able to see the soul
he who embrace you everyday
will he be able to appreciate your scars
he who takes you to skies
will he be able to accept you're one
among the stars
he who acknowledges you as resilient
will he be able to assimilate you're ethereal
he who sees the happy you
will he be able to find the really you
random thoughts
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