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I am sick
with rage
of the centuries
with women
being abused
and *****
now the
phoenix rises
with justice
let freedom ring
Nida Mahmoed Jan 2018
Women are Human,
When you utterly feel
the power of this one line,
World will automatically turns so divine!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Oct 2017
Me Too,
My body,
My soul,
My voice,
Which you never see, feel and hear,
All never provoke you to smash me,
Again and again,
Yes Me too,
Faced the same as many like me faced from the birth till death!

By; Nida Mahmoed
The world has there idea
Of who a woman should be
Only she knows who she is
Most of the time
She just wants to be free
This poem is dedicated to women being there true self in this world of judgemental men and so called women. I want women to be confident of who they are. Never let anyone pressure you to change who you are for  society superficial fantasy of beauty.
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2017
70 years of supposed independence
Yet no real freedom for women
In a society dominated by men
Drowned, is a woman's voice
We need Azadi from Patriarchy
Money and power aren't everything
Without love, life is nothing
Above all, are relationships and life quality
Is there no end to ****?
Why is marital **** legal?
Our system is so feudal
Marriage is such a shame
Marred by domestic violence
Divorce, a traumatic experience
No freedom to choose her career
Family is supposed to be better
No freedom for inter-religious marriage
If she does, it's labelled Love Jihad
Frankly, we are tired
Demand an end to this carnage
She can dress as she pleases
She can roam at night
She can marry anyone she loves
To question her, you have no right
This poem is for all Indian women, and also for men who don't support a system like Patriarchy which promotes inequality and ******* of one gender over the other
Nida Mahmoed Jul 2017
Woman is not born to seal her lips,
Woman is not born to never speak about her rights,
and her songs,
Let her speak,
Let her sing her songs,
don’t seal her lips,
don’t frantic from her songs,
Her songs won’t make you small,
and broken!

By; Nida Mahmoed

— The End —