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Moth May 2020
what peers from far above
what stares from the corner
what leers from the shadows
what watches from tree knots
what lurks from the undergrowth
Kvothe Apr 2020
An eldritch aura permeates
a palace, long forgotten.
I fell. Which may illuminate
my place amongst the rotten.

How long these ruins slept, I fear's
a desert measured aeon,
for sand has creep'd and crept in here,
a structure so protean.

This place it whispers death and dust,
a sister to the barrow.
I must escape this depth. I must!
These halls are much too narrow.

The stench of age, it fills the air,
with hints of green and purple.
Appendages, they slither there,
My thoughts they now encircle.

A mutter on the wind calls me,
it sends my digits lame.
Fluttered eyes. Where two should be,
five globules cry my name.

That fickle murmor, foe at first,
but now I know my error.
He tickles thoughts and quenches thirst.
Come, how could it sow terror?

All is well, I've found a friend,
His hug is warm and tight.
His many arms they do not end,
but wriggle, kiss, and bite.
Lovecraft inspired. I'm not sure how clear the story is. Guy gets lost in ruins. Meets some ancient creature. Creature takes over his mind, setting him at ease, only to eat him.
TJ Radcliffe Feb 2020
A wooden door is built into the wall
of dry-stacked stone that bounds the little lane
between the elf-mounds. Curious, and small,
the door's ajar, a gate to other planes.
The wood is grey and weathered, like the stones
which grow with moss and lichen, ancient rime.
I put an eye up to the gap. Alone
I've wandered here, beyond my proper time.
A face shows by a hollow in the dusk,
someone familiar, yet so far away...
I turn and see the lane-way, feel I must
continue on my journey. I can't stay.
Above the stars are pentagons of light
while I walk on, across the fields of night.
Inspired by an abstract painting my wife did, which had a quasi-crystaline (approximate 5-fold symmetry) structure, but was better served by a far more eldritch poetic voice.
Moth Sep 2019
I came upon a man
weary now with age
with a deep cracked tan

He looked and told
of the old forest
that reflects ones soul

Is that why I walk
and only see eyes
that follow and stalk

Me through the trees
dark and sunken
as they peer at me
He was an old god. His knowledge was a warning.
Moth Sep 2019
back of your mind
it all bubbles up
words overflowing
inspiration so strong
you lose your breath
your mind goes numb
all becomes black
thousands of words
blink up at you
the cursor pauses
menacingly on screen
Moth Aug 2019
the lurker at the threshold
who holds the key and the gate
he lives within the beyond one
and is the opener of the way

the all-in-one the one-in-all
omniscience and omnipresence
the invulnerable immortal god
he who sees all and all that was

creature born of the nameless mist
one that had father of many horrors
he has sired the unspeakable one
and the tentacle god of sky and sea

let the end be brought about now
through his will and the will of all
that all outer gods may become one
and all inner gods become none
Let the end times begin and bring anew the true world.
Moth Aug 2019
in the midnight sprawl
where shadows lurk
and shady happenings begin
we sit on the beach alone

just inches away from the tide
the black consuming waters
that ebb and flow closely
like it's reaching out

you lap the sand at my feet
whispering darker things
in the rolling waves nearby
drawing and tempting me closer

every night we sit together
mumbling in dead tongues
of the woes they have bestowed
upon my head yet again

and every night i come closer
to reaching back out to you
as you twist and churn waiting
to enthrall my fragile mind
Moth Aug 2019
whether it's for fear of starvation-
or wild animals and their predation-
we understand those instinctual fears-
that we've developed through the years-

but what of that lurking thing we see-
that screams in night like a banshee-
what made humans so deathly scared-
of a pale sunken vision with its teeth bared-

what gave us the instinctual scopophobia-
or that sinking feeling of nyctophobia-
what creature hounded our predecessors-
that we fear slunken things as aggressors-
What in the past could have inspired this fear?
Moth Aug 2019
The ocean is terrifying
bone-chilling abysses
that demand sacrifices

Deep cavernous waters
that consume the light
within it's dark night

An eldritch creature
that is old as time
that we fill with grime

The depths will wait
as water ebbs and flows
a creature we cannot oppose
The ocean both enthralls me and terrifies me.
8M Aug 2019
Have you seen a young girl,
By the name of Octavia?
Intertwined with shadows,
Of playful voices of madness

Do you remember,
When everyone forgot her?
And she was left to wilt
Like a flower in the snow

Do you remember,
When she stopped being scared?
As the madness and hysteria became no different
In the eyes of lost Octavia

Do you remember,
The eldritch one who's Octavia?
That unsettling childishness of the maddened girl
Lingered in her parents' hearts

Have you seen a young girl,
By the name of Octavia?
She's running the corner store, smiling so sweetly
With a torn book in her hand...

and a sharp blade
A continuation of a previous poem. Read that one to understand.
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