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  Nov 2017 Marles
Having you on my mind is driving me crazy
Not the heart broken kind but the kind that got me smokin alone lately
See when I think about what we went through
There’s a void when I remember you
I think my soul only sees souls
but I never got that close to you

I know I sweep in like a storm
And I know you’ve been broken lately
That’s why I left easy
I noticed your suffering daily
I just thought maybe I’d help make you feel alive again
I recognize that sad and hurt in you, for I have been
I just needed you to be stronger baby
To give in and not give up on maybes
Didn’t you think I’d be worth it,
      Or was it,
                All just the way you would word it
See I think we get what we deserve
What do you wish for when you get hurt?
Cause I’ve never actually seen you frown
Oh but darling, how many times I’ve watched you drown.
Marles Nov 2017
//you said you thought you just needed space,
a little time to breathe;
neither of us realized you were still choking
on the memories of her,
your lungs had no room for me.//
Marles Sep 2017
he carved calcium and dreams out of my ribs
like I once chiseled our initials out of a tree

but steadily.
you don’t realize the damage until it’s done,
can’t see the whole picture until you back away.

(I always had trouble keeping my distance)
Marles Sep 2017
i know you think you can't shine
because you're broken
but baby there is gold tucked in
those cracks of yours
and stars hidden in everything he made
you think you should hide.
  Aug 2017 Marles
blair asher
capricorn:* cover your heart in acrylics like you are art and promise yourself you'll leave after this one last kiss (you won't, you never do)
aquarius: you never stopped trying to be your own worst nightmare and this is why people find their breath of fresh air in you
pisces: something about the way shouting something off of a rooftop never feels the same as whispering it in their ear
aries: you are both a quiet tuesday morning and a tornado in the middle of april and there's never been a more beautiful disaster
taurus: you are the apology strung between two streetlights and you will never give up on finding the worst person to love
gemini: you are something along the lines of a fairytale but i think your author was drunk because this isn't going how it should
cancer: you are something of a tsunami stored in shaky palms and uncertain breaths and she will still love you with 100 mph winds
leo: you are nothing less than the scream your heart begs to let out when you feel like you're losing them and i want to punch it out of you
picking flower petals*—they love you, they love you not, they love you, they love you not, they love you, they know you want to die, they love y
libra: and ten years from now, you will still be falling in love with people the same way others skydive from planes
scorpio: you are more than the last "im sorry" between two people whose infinity was shorter than it should have been
sagittarius: death has been flirting with you from across the room all night long and there's a good chance that it's love at first sight
Marles Dec 2016
a hundred pictures on her walls, a million more in her head; that girls soul has a thousand words for every one she's ever said.//
Marles Oct 2016
the people surrounding me are afraid of the world at 3am-
not me though,
for I know the scariest demons walk around in daylight, amongst unsuspecting humans.

*(the dark is filled with artists, lovers and philanthropists, you should be more afraid of those who pretend to love you in the sunlight)
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