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My mind is content
……… then
……… memories are stirred

A familiar smell,

A song we sang,

and here I am missing You

My brother died last year. During the summer. I have so many good memories. Even the last days we spent together. I am so grateful to have had that time with him But today my heart aches and my eyes are overflowing with tears.
Like a healed broken bone
I am stronger......

Never to be broken in
the same place again.

God is my healer.
Being healed in your spirit takes time for mending. Once accomplished there may be old aches. A healed injury may remind you that it happened,,,Like when the weather is cold, or rain is coming the body may ache.
Leigh Jacobson Nov 2018
If only parents behaved the way they expect their children to act.
This has frustrated me all my life. I still see it happening. Parents yelling at their kids when frustrated... for the child who yells out when frustrated. ....and it still does today.
Leigh Jacobson Oct 2018
My sunny sky you brought to light with  A cuddle as you're by my side.  Kisses on my ear abide. You knew just when we were to go. As you'd run side to side and to and fro.   Now you are gone.  When i wake tomorrow  you wont be there to drop into my arms... for our own routine in the morning as we shared our stretces and  yawns.  There be no waiting for me at the door, no wont see you , just just an empty floor.  And momma will miss you on her chair keeping her company while I'm not there. I miss you.
Tonight my toy poodle was killed in the road he woul have been 7 tomorrow . He was a little fella tje best dog.
Leigh Jacobson Aug 2018
Impending death of my beautiful  summer as fall encroaches.  Leaves falling. Bare branches like twisted fingers, dry grass with the bald spots  showing soil -i grin and bear it.   I long for sunshine and rain. Oh summer I grieve and anxiously look forward to seeing you after spring next year.
I moved a lot and my parents would always do it right begore the fall when school started. There were ending of friendships always. I think thats why  i feel like tjus when fall appeiaches.
Leigh Jacobson Aug 2018
My heart once full now an empty hole. It sneaks up on eyes they run with tears to fill the crater that once was fill and love for you.   My lips quiver,  my throat tightens and wails and moans take over,  erupting like volcanic lava, I can't hold back. I lie my head onto my bed and hug the pillow of folded shirts, I bury my face and take your smell into my lungs, to have you close for a moment, one more hug
; with my eyes closed. You are here.
I miss my brother.  I didn't know it would hurt this bad
Leigh Jacobson Aug 2018
I have made many trips wandering far and wide.  I made it home.  Now that I have made my ending journey. A few words I leave you.
My body faded away. I went on to the glorious blue realm of heaven as the splendid fragrance of sage surrounded me.  Those that have gone on before waved me on with laughter and celebration. An angel so beautiful that words cannot explain opened his arms and invited me to make my final trip.
"Don't be sad, be happy for me."
For today I sit at Jesus feet.

My Spirit took flight with angel's breath
Like leaves in the fall that wain as the
new season comes.

I have reached my final home.
I will see you again when your season comes.
"Don't be sad. Be Happy for me."
I wrote this for my brother . December 2, 1966- July 30, 2018. He is dancing with the angels. 51 years of age
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