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Michael Joseph Jun 2016
Fred has to be a male,
so, he must be masculine,
a muscle man, an alpha bag,
with a core made of ego.

Fred as a noun is something known,
He must be working with his hands,
not with his mind, no thinking.
He must be strong, and fit and sporty,
not a kid who is *** for not lifting
- a kid is a *** if his not sporty.

Fred is a guy so he must smoke,
adore the feeling of the coke,
Drink his beer and get a toast,
he must be **** smelling dope.

Fred is a man so he must have pride,
Never cry, never try to apologize,
and he must think he is always right;
like the way fathers, brothers,
often won an argument,
as punches and fists were persuasive.

Fred is a male so he must love women,
women as in **** ladies in bikinis,
**** ladies as in ****, making love,
so he must love ***, love as in having fun,
having fun as in playing with everyone,
and he is macho for doing that.

Fred is a name who is always feared,
of his tounge and cursing,
acting tough, controlling,
like a god, he is supreme,
his words ****** every being,
with hurt, and dissappointment.

Fred is a dude so he must be a champ,
he must be the first in every rank,
he is the strongest and toughest guy,
and he must be vain for looking tough,
looking at the mirror, self-adoring,
“Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Fred is a man, so he must always be mad,
mad as in angry, always ready to fight,
his enemies were himself if his outsmarted,
her girl if she’s disobedient,
her wife if he thinks she’s unfaithful,
the **** for they are sinners but cowardly;
and all his anger is a real strong punch,
or a slap, or a curse, or a high-sounding insult,
or the smoking of a pack of coke or puff.

He is a guy, so he must fail to express himself.

— The End —