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Oct 2016
have heart.
just not too much,
they say.

you must be gentle,
because you are woman.
but not too gentle-
fragility equals weakness.

be kind,
but so not be naive,
lest you allow people to walk
all over you.

be independent, do not rely on man
for survival-
but be careful that you not be too independent that you challenge his masculinity.

do not let anyone tell you what to do, you are equal to any man and able to make your own decisions-
but you must have children or be marked as a failure of a woman.

do not cheat, for infidelity is the most cowardice, selfish act possible,
but forgive the man who slept with another woman because it's just 'what they do', he 'couldn't help it' and you were on a weekend trip-it didn't mean anything.

cry, because it is good for you
but don't you dare let another soul hear you
or they will know you are weak.

be soft and strong and gentle and firm-
be all you can be as long as it is less than the man standing next to you.

be what you want,
do what you please-
you deserve to be worshipped dear,
you could bring the world to its knees

my darling,
as long as you do not surpass the man
**you can be a queen.
(being woman in a mans world)
Written by
Marles  25/F/TN
   Anna and Crazy Diamond Kristy
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