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Ryzeofthepoet Aug 2018
Theres a lingering cloud when we conversate
An awkward vibe we never mention
Long gone are our banters and cute debates
Keeping feelings minimal, avoiding questions

The adorable messsages we used to send
Are they ever coming back or was that it?
Loving like we used to, is that real or just pretend
Keep my broken heart if we ever do split

You're slowly fading away from me
I don't even think you realise
All i can do is let you be
And let me deal with all the cries.

Perhaps it was the distance
Or maybe it was just the time
All of this gives me grievance
I just want you to remain mine.
Dani Aug 2018
Like the broken glass of a window
Shattered to pieces
A million bits laid out for show

Sweep me up and throw me out
Please don’t
I beg, I scream and shout

I promise to shine in the sun
Sparkle in light
I’m better than what I’ve done

I am not trash to be swept away
I am more
Hear me and what I say

I will not be the glass as before
I cannot be
But a new creation to love and adore

See me in the glistening light
The darkness I’ll gladly fight

Broken with no return to past
No not true
I’m breaking out of this cast

No more restainsts or darkness
I tell you now
Don’t be so heartless

Let me try to do better
I swear it
I won't be a scarlet letter

Like the broken glass of a window
Let me shine
I want to rebuild, so please don’t let go
I wrote this quickly filled with emotion. Just needed to get it out.
Fie Tarp Jul 2018
I know this guy
I will not say goodbye
To him and let go
Because he makes me glow
I’m happy, he’s my friend
And I know, it will not be the end
Of a friendship long
Which will grow strong
A special friend, who changed my world.
Brandon Feb 2017
{Set I: Brandon}
The sky is bleeding in lethargy
Winter gives a sharp howl at me
Leaves rippled, rusty, blown into the wind
I cry as the guitar writes with it's acoustic pen
Your ship may have taken damage
At your lowest points you had to ravage
Everyone pictures red like a Spanish bull
A hurricane's Destruction can leave you null
I remember, I was there
Stroking this gentle, thin, string
My melancholic melody echoes across the plane
But my survival, like yours, need not be the same
You will go through great struggles
But you don't have to overcome them alone
Don't ever let go
You will never know
How the power of friendship and support feels
I've seen the demonic eye that is a black hole
Sacrificing your life is not worth reclaiming what it stole
Woah-oh-oh; Venus help me restore such beauty
Give us the courage to walk through destruction happily
Because Pain is temporary, yes
While friendship is divine; everlasting
Let us ever last Pain
Support and friendship can take you very far. You just have to believe.
Mark Stephens Jan 2017
I do not hold my Loves close enough
As they break away and fade
I am left with the weepings of their shadow and receding warmth

My greed for valuables, taking my privilege as always there
Every rock of the boat
I see I'm truly drowning, no one to bail me out
They all left, were thrown overboard or willingly went
Only their unfinished cups of happiness left

Should have asked for a note written just for me
To be as selfish, so when they leave as well as tragic's
I shall have something to hold on catch my dry tears

I do not hold on enough to the scraps of my memories
They hold the knowledge my past and heartbreak
I have such a pathetic grip, make those that stay not fade away
For even just a second to relive time
Hug my past a little longer, maybe it will be different
Think twice before you loosen your hand

Hold your loves closer than me.
Anonymous Freak Jul 2016
"There's a lot of stories
In every cigarette.
A lot of stories in
The one
Stained with my
A lot of reasons
For the smoke making
Curly pictures
In my lungs.

"I'm smoking
a childhood,
Rolled in
Domestic violence
Court case
And I'm drinking
For a future
I let go of
Years ago.

"The bags under
My eyes
Are packed with
Late nights of worry,
For my high school
Troubled adolescence,
And struggle for recovery.
I couldn't even
Fully close them.

"The slouch in my
Is from giving up
The fight,
For a better life,
A better me,
It's made from
Acceptance of my
Lowly state,
And self pity.

"The tobacco scent,
Combined with
Other things...
Between my pointer
And middle
Is made of
Many meetings,
And hugs,
From family who

"Who am I?
Look at me.
I am possibility.
The eulogy for your
Battered youth,
And the future
You could have had.
I'm you,
If you let go."

— The End —