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Ryzeofthepoet Aug 2018
Theres a lingering cloud when we conversate
An awkward vibe we never mention
Long gone are our banters and cute debates
Keeping feelings minimal, avoiding questions

The adorable messsages we used to send
Are they ever coming back or was that it?
Loving like we used to, is that real or just pretend
Keep my broken heart if we ever do split

You're slowly fading away from me
I don't even think you realise
All i can do is let you be
And let me deal with all the cries.

Perhaps it was the distance
Or maybe it was just the time
All of this gives me grievance
I just want you to remain mine.
Yvonne Apr 2017
Eyes locked
Breath stopped
Cliche stuff
I've had enough

Pain and pleasure
Torture and bliss
You and me
Delete memories

Go astray
Never staying
Like a flower
Soon decaying

Ending fantasies
Never lusting again
Our times
Over and done

Promises were written
Should keep them
Leave you behind
Loved you without knowing why

— The End —