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Fie Tarp Mar 18
I miss the place where it all began

A new adventure to conquer
A new environment to explore
A new family to find

The place where I lived my life

I conquered my adventure
I explored the environment
I found my family

A place is now past

The memories from adventures
The smells from environment
The love from family

This was where I belonged...
Missing the good old days
Fie Tarp Mar 1
I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special

Now this happened and it’s all crumbling
My mind goes crazy
Is it me or is it you?
I said stop, but you didn’t listened
The pain, the feeling
Can I forgive you?

It’s all coming back, again and again
My heart is broken
I can’t find the pieces
Do you really know, what you’ve done
Or is it all just for fun?

The word from your mouth
It feels like it’s on repeat every time I see you
One word, five letters, that’s all
But it’s not enough for me
I can’t forgive without the time and a remarkable reason

I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special
Can I heal?
Fie Tarp Jul 2018
I know this guy
I will not say goodbye
To him and let go
Because he makes me glow
I’m happy, he’s my friend
And I know, it will not be the end
Of a friendship long
Which will grow strong
A special friend, who changed my world.

— The End —