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Fie Tarp Oct 2020
Afslutning venter
Nyt kapitel begynder
Friheden kommer
Fortrøstningsfuld, selvom man bare vil videre og væk
Fie Tarp Aug 2020
Think about the place you see every day
Then take a vacation from it and you will miss it
Then you meet the place again, but you won’t stay
You don’t think it seems to fit

Suddenly, all the bad things that happened to you through the years comes back
It is a nightmare, a reminder to you
Your history, it all strikes again
Thousands of slaps in your face
And nobody cares
Because it’s history, it’s in the past
“Just move on” they say “it’s easy”
You cry
It’s not your fault if some people ruined your life, but don’t give up because then they won
Fie Tarp Apr 2020
I feel like I loose myself again
Just at the beginning
Two months, that’s all we have been through
You’re special to me, a gentleman to me
But why am I still in doubt?
I need time
I need space
I need to know who I was, who I am and who I’m gonna be
And maybe you are not an answer to these
Past, present and future
What is it gonna be?
Not again... can’t I just have some peace
Fie Tarp Feb 2020
It’s been a while
I thought I was happy
I am happy, but something still holds on
Panicking, sweating and embarrassed
I don’t like you but I miss you sometimes
I will not forget the terrible things you did and still do
You broke me and I will not forgive you
In a glance, I see the happy and beautiful person I fell in low with
On the other side
It hurts to see you like that
On deep water, and I don’t know you anymore
I’m nothing to you, just a stranger
It’s been a while and here we are
Fie Tarp Dec 2019
I want to be free
I want to feel free
I get caught in all these feelings
You want to break me
You want revenge
I’m happy without you
You’re afraid I will succeed
My happiness is your worst nightmare

Long time, no see
We talked about good old days
Two souls, feeling lonely
Just wanted some company
“Nice to talk to you again it was fun”
We will meet again, just to feel safe
Making the loneliness disappear

New, interesting, exciting
It could be something special
But I want to feel free
I’m afraid of be put in a box
Locked away from the world
But still, you are new and innocent
You haven’t hurt me, so there’s hope
You live far away, and soon you will be further
Is this a chance to start something new
Or will it become a hopeless and hurting situation?
Nobody knows
Go seek the answer or protect yourself? Your choice
Fie Tarp Mar 2019
I miss the place where it all began

A new adventure to conquer
A new environment to explore
A new family to find

The place where I lived my life

I conquered my adventure
I explored the environment
I found my family

A place is now past

The memories from adventures
The smells from environment
The love from family

This was where I belonged...
Missing the good old days
Fie Tarp Mar 2019
I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special

Now this happened and it’s all crumbling
My mind goes crazy
Is it me or is it you?
I said stop, but you didn’t listened
The pain, the feeling
Can I forgive you?

It’s all coming back, again and again
My heart is broken
I can’t find the pieces
Do you really know, what you’ve done
Or is it all just for fun?

The word from your mouth
It feels like it’s on repeat every time I see you
One word, five letters, that’s all
But it’s not enough for me
I can’t forgive without the time and a remarkable reason

I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special
Can I heal?
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