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Feb 2017
{Set I: Brandon}
The sky is bleeding in lethargy
Winter gives a sharp howl at me
Leaves rippled, rusty, blown into the wind
I cry as the guitar writes with it's acoustic pen
Your ship may have taken damage
At your lowest points you had to ravage
Everyone pictures red like a Spanish bull
A hurricane's Destruction can leave you null
I remember, I was there
Stroking this gentle, thin, string
My melancholic melody echoes across the plane
But my survival, like yours, need not be the same
You will go through great struggles
But you don't have to overcome them alone
Don't ever let go
You will never know
How the power of friendship and support feels
I've seen the demonic eye that is a black hole
Sacrificing your life is not worth reclaiming what it stole
Woah-oh-oh; Venus help me restore such beauty
Give us the courage to walk through destruction happily
Because Pain is temporary, yes
While friendship is divine; everlasting
Let us ever last Pain
Support and friendship can take you very far. You just have to believe.
Written by
Brandon  M/Louisville
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