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Allie Dotson Oct 2020
Night has fallen long ago and the sun has many hours until it comes
No birds lay awake and the crickets barely stay asleep
The only sound is the swaying of trees.
They dance a waltz behind a girl
playing the same song since she could remember.
The rain hits against the bush that lays just below her window seal
and the occasional swoosh of a car going up the street signals that life is near.
The same girl lays in her bed with tired eyes, trying to finish a book she has just begun.
A familiar feeling of comfort and warmth
as she lays wrapped in two blankets
with two stuffed animals keeping away any fears
The constant snores from her parents floating down the hall and
The laughter leaking out of her brother's bedroom door.
With light streaming in reflected off the living room wall
She finds comfort and peace held in a fragment of time so small
Where dreams start to overlap reality.
You may find the girl
The one who hasn't changed for the past 18 years.
There she will be, laying on her bed with a book in her hand
The trees still remain in a dance
And the flickering eyes still appear to be in a trance.
Fie Tarp Jul 2018
I know this guy
I will not say goodbye
To him and let go
Because he makes me glow
I’m happy, he’s my friend
And I know, it will not be the end
Of a friendship long
Which will grow strong
A special friend, who changed my world.
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I wish I could call you guys people
Especially when you guys are jerks
Always yelling and screaming
Fighting and lying all the time
I wish you stop.

Sometimes you make me want to yell
And scream.
I say things I don't mean but
I want to say I love you
This crazy dysfunctional family
Is mine forever to keep

Although you guys make me
Want to curl up and die
The words you say wont mean
A thing.
So forever hold this peace
And stop being jerks.
Damaré M Oct 2016
The position I'm in is like a deserted island. A lot of time to have man to man discussions with myself. Steadily scheming on how to intercept my goal. Only two routes I can go. Cut into her directly or fade away. Im already standing in my own endzone so a interference is plausible. Thinking about how many times I let us down during this drive. I didn't tackle everything I had to, so with that being said I will run it back at any given time.
Initial Love
Wesley Andrade Sep 2015
My body aches from the physically abuse I put myself through, The pain is only temporary from that point. I go through more... jumping through hoops, battling through the emotions I know that are real. But I get kicked down and pin to the ground. Then, the memories play before me... I see my friends and I laughing, I see me running and training, I see my fiance hugging me and kissing me...

I fight to keep her safe, she makes everything worth it. She held me when I was down, gave me meaning, she even forgave me when I hurt her...

I can't stop now. All I care about is being able to see her again, hug her close, kiss her, and marry her. She IS my other half. So, don't ever say farewell to her. Don't ever say good-bye, that means you are ready to let go... Instead, say "talk to you later" or "see you soon". That way, you assured yourself that you will be able to see and speak with her...

So, until we meet again

-W. Andrade
Oscar Tarango Dec 2014
never make excuses not to talk to some one or see them
it when they are gone you miss them the most
and regret all of the excuses you made
if you love some one never let them go
good bye you may never see them again after those words
if you don't maybe when there carried by 6 and six feet under you might rethink all the thing you never said
all the visit you never visited
all the time you thought you had to see them

— The End —