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Mark Stephens Jan 2017
I do not hold my Loves close enough
As they break away and fade
I am left with the weepings of their shadow and receding warmth

My greed for valuables, taking my privilege as always there
Every rock of the boat
I see I'm truly drowning, no one to bail me out
They all left, were thrown overboard or willingly went
Only their unfinished cups of happiness left

Should have asked for a note written just for me
To be as selfish, so when they leave as well as tragic's
I shall have something to hold on catch my dry tears

I do not hold on enough to the scraps of my memories
They hold the knowledge my past and heartbreak
I have such a pathetic grip, make those that stay not fade away
For even just a second to relive time
Hug my past a little longer, maybe it will be different
Think twice before you loosen your hand

Hold your loves closer than me.
Mark Stephens Jan 2017
Flowers and sunshine
You can't touch me
With my bubble of inocences
Running around with best friends
Nothing can turn my world upside down
Can't see the hate in people's heads

Flowers and wind
Ripple through my hair
Feels like I'm flying
This high up not even the birds can touch me
My seemingly lonely pillar of happiness
Can't relize the fake ground miles
With my friends

How can this happen
My life before my eyes
With flowers and streaks in my sight
Deaf of my ears listen and rain clouds in my head
The place of comfort with walls
Now screaming
No emotion for the flower fields

Flowers and lightning
People are ripped from my grasp
Seems like happiness has faded
Never to come back

Flowers and laughter
Coming from her black cruel mouth
Shut down the gates
Don't let anyone get in
Kick others out who say it's a sin

My flower fields are dying
Lack of water and tears
No emotion for the dead flower fields

— The End —