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trixie444 Jan 2020
...on this Mother's Day, I'd like to take the time to express my gratefulness and appreciation for no one other than my mom. Unfortunately, I was one of the many children out there who grew up without a father - he abandoned my mom and I, flew to California, and didn't look back. I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am to have someone so strong, so patient, and so supportive in my life - playing both parts is extremely impressive. You could've left when things got tough, but you decided to stay with me, raise me, and shower me with all the love in the world. As I get older, I look back and remember what it was like, how tough things were - you remember? We stuck it out like champions, as best friends - as a team. You've gone above and beyond, ma. I'm sorry I'm not the best writer anymore, but please know, I will always love you - eternally. Thank you for guiding me into the right direction - you shaped me into the man I am today.
Ryzeofthepoet Aug 2018
Theres a lingering cloud when we conversate
An awkward vibe we never mention
Long gone are our banters and cute debates
Keeping feelings minimal, avoiding questions

The adorable messsages we used to send
Are they ever coming back or was that it?
Loving like we used to, is that real or just pretend
Keep my broken heart if we ever do split

You're slowly fading away from me
I don't even think you realise
All i can do is let you be
And let me deal with all the cries.

Perhaps it was the distance
Or maybe it was just the time
All of this gives me grievance
I just want you to remain mine.
apollota Sep 2016
When I was younger,
I used to think we were all equal.
I guess I was wrong
because now I'm pretty sure this Earth is lethal.

**Don't **** me.

I decided to
post it on here for safe keeping.
Danni Jan 2015
seemed so easy to forget about everything

I felt so numb but no one even noticed

now you're catching me down here smoking

sitting here feeling so **** hopeless

seemed so easy to just find myself decaying

to just conceal myself from the world

now you're catching me here praying

to a God i don't believe in

it seemed so easy to just pick up that blade

that blade that would change everything

i wish i were so easy to save

now you're catching me here bleeding

bleeding out everything i had gave

seemed so easy to just heal

for it all to just go away

now i'm catching you here holding me, saying  "i know everything seems so surreal"

"but i promise you, i will always stay"

2 years later and it feels so easy to remember

so easy to remember where and when all these marks came from

now i'm catching you here saying "I still remember November"

"I remember how you were oh so numb"
*Just a little thing i came up with from my experiences in the past, not so good, but it's okay*
I bet she's pretty.
I bet she's tall.
I bet she's nice yet not.
I bet she's smart.
I bet she's funny.
I bet she knows how to have fun.
I bet she does her hair everyday.
I bet she has nice clothes.
I bet she has a nice phone.
I bet she sends late-night texts to you, saying she loves you.
I bet she expresses her feelings.
I bet she knows you inside and out.
I bet she's all the things I am not.

I may be smart,
and maybe a bit pretty.
But that's where it stops,
for I don't do my hair everyday,
or wear make-up.
I don't express my emotions,
through this sweat-shirt.
She's nicer than me,
but I can be when I feel it.

Why can't you notice me,
like you notice her?
Why can't you see,
that I'm actually here?
Why can't you tell,
that I'm alone
in this box of loneliness?

— The End —