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I wasn't going to buy another dog because it hurts too much when they die.
But I decided to buy another dog and she is my Sweetie Pie.
When it comes to the heart, losing a pet sure will break it.
When it came to my former dog's death, it was hard to take it.
But several weeks later, I ended up being in luck.
I bought another dog for only two hundred bucks.
Hazel looks similar to my old dog and I sure am a lucky guy.
My former dog was my Baby Doll and Hazel is my Sweetie Pie.
Dedicated to Hazel, my Chihuahua
Jonathan Moya Mar 2020
Aye, chihuahua, canis familiaris,
land piranha nipping at Aztec heels.
Aye chihuahua!
Heart of a Techichi warrior
becoming yipping snarling *****,
eyes pulsating, patellas luxating
at the stench of **** erectus
US-es post-alus carrier-alopulus
approaching, adorned in
sky colors crowned in ivory pith.
She is fed on belly rubs and Kirkland’s
grain free turkey and pea stew
in the red can, served in a faux
Wedgwood bowl which she gently
mauls in her tiny maw with the
crooked right canine.
Queen Sharma is a diminutive avenger  
who brooks no men, except Daddy,
yet dotes in squealing delight
at the touch of women and children.
Her territory, a peed-on scent trail,
extends from Guinevere to Lancelot
to Tristram to Merlin to the end
of Camelot Lanes, Streets and Places.
Neither hated squirrels, rabbits
and other canine species are allowed.
She can neither jump on the sofa
nor forge mighty streams.
What she lacks in peripheral vision
she makes up for in astute echolocation
and good stiff sniffs of her nose.
Yet she has a deep dark secret
that stains her royal dreams.
The scruff under her neck to the chest
in the russet form and color of a fox,
which she struts with a rooster’s pride,
is the product of her Chi-Chi mater
cohabitating with a spritz of Pomerania,
making her neither chihuahua nor pomeranian,
but yes, an adorable pomchi!
Yet that neither bothers her nor me
as she paws at the bed covers draping the
leader of this pack, burrowing under to
be close to my side, and dream dog dreams
of walks and car rides and never leaving me.
of walks and car rides and never leaving me.
Randy Johnson Nov 2019
I bought my newest dog one year ago, today is our first anniversary.
Last year, some nice people cut the price in half and sold him to me.
When I bought him, I only paid one hundred.
They sold me a Chihuahua and his name is Red.
I take care of him and he lives in my basement.
When I bought him, it was a hundred bucks that was well spent.
When I bought him, I was amazed at how fast he warmed up to me.
Red is very pretty with brown fur and today is our first anniversary.
Randy Johnson Nov 2018
This morning, I experienced some good luck.
I bought a Chihuahua for one hundred bucks.
My new dog is brown and his name is Red.
He will be my dog for many years ahead.
Like other dogs, he probably loves to gnaw on bones.
Red makes the third Chihuahua dog that I own.
Randy Johnson Aug 2017
Today my Chihuahua and I celebrate our 4th anniversary.
But something happened two weeks ago that was scary.
I had to rush my dog to the vet because she was sick.
She almost died because she was paralyzed by a tick.
She couldn't move or eat and I was scared she would die.
I was afraid that I would end up having to say goodbye.
She got better after people prayed and there is one thing that I understand.
I'm celebrating my 4th anniversary with a wonderful dog and I'm a lucky man.
Dedicated to Agnes who I adopted on August 27, 2013.
Randy Johnson Aug 2015
I adopted my Chihuahua Dog two years ago today.
I'll be Agnes's last owner, she's here to stay.
I adopted her in Morristown, Tennessee.
I am lucky because Agnes is with me.
Two years has been how long I've known her.
I'm very happy and proud to be her owner.
Today I'm celebrating the 2nd anniversary with my dog.

— The End —