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Endless abundance,
you are, a hidden treasure;
infused in magicks,
synchronized with Mother Moon,
divine feminine of life.
Janay Jul 2016
Her name is yoni


              The divine who devours.
                   Deep inside of her
                       Lies serenity.
              A gift from the heavens
                   She embraces the
                Power of the universe.
                Through her majestic,
                 ­    A sweet delicacy
                            She is.
                      A tender love
                        she gives.
Press your lips against my **** &juice; me. Thirst for my juices as you, drift into my Yoni! Kiss my flesh as eye nurish your Soul. Sink into me as we dance into the candle lit stars; become me, as eye become you &as; one.. We make Love until the sun peeks through the cracks! Kiss my Yoni; feel my Power!

— The End —