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Oka Mar 2021
It's scary how life can change
For now, I witnessed the sky fall
As I float in those galactic eyes
Anchor me down will you?
To the core of your gravity
May I land gracefully in your earthly embrace to kiss those rosey cheeks?
Oka Mar 2021
Dream on!
Cause legends were fools who never ceased to stop
and nobodies were sages who hesitated to take a step
Let's say it's bardic inspiration
Oka Mar 2021
What am I to her?
I am emotionally defective
and physically secondhand.
You deserve luxury and excess
not thrifted vintage.
Your worth is immaterial
Oka Mar 2021
I get lonely, I forget my worth
I get lonely, I pretend it could be worse
I get lonely, I burn me to keep you warm
I get lonely, I hate that you are truly happy
Oka Mar 2021
Promise me just tonight
You will hold me ever so tight
It's for the best, I can't second guess
compared to leaving me restless
I thought I would never post again but here we are
Oka Nov 2020
Would you like us to burn in
the summer heat,
blossom like the tulips in spring?
Or would you like us to be as clear
as the winter's ice,
fall like the leaves in autumn?
Oka Nov 2020
Turn on the night lamp
and slither in the bed
scroll through the apps
and let your lethargy extend
Don't worry about an alarm to tap
whether it's day or noon, you are eternally condemned
Just a rough draft
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