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Oka Jul 1
Here is an offer,
a request to be a lover,
make my love prose longer,
add structure till it's form differ,
once a poem to a novel full of laughter.
Oka Jun 25
Take me back to a time, rewind
To an age, a moment
Where I would be scared
of ghost stories
And hopeful of the world
Oka Jun 24
Gazing up to the starry sky
It's all beauty I can not deny
But it's not up where my thoughts fly
It has always been you, but I'm too shy
Oka Jun 4
Lonely, lonely soul
Where should we go?
Life is done, a little dull
nothing but a burden to throw
Suicide is not the answer. However, that I question.
Oka Jun 1
Our lips were
5 centimeters apart
but between our hearts
was the galaxy
Oka May 30
In this mad, mad world
All we seek is composure
But no matter how old
Self hate is alcohol,
You're either drunk or sober
Oka May 30
Tiada salah membiarkan raga terluka
semakin dalam jarum jam menusuk Memang, tiada obat untuk semua derita
Tak salah menerima pilu dalam khusyuk
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