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Amer Pelides Feb 2018
As morning breaks and moonlight sleeps,
My ever-changing moods awaken
The light shines through the darkest slits,
And fills the conscience with all things good
The weariness of yesterday is no more,
The restlessness of the busy day
In the sweet quietness of night,
Comes forth the noiseful chaos of the day
All is forgotten in the clamour and clutter,
Perhaps this is the way life was always meant to be.
Amer Pelides Feb 2018
In sweeping thoughts and rushing winds,
Dwell the secrecy of my sorrows
Sorrows filled with wants and cravings,
Beneath it all I feel the calmness within
Crying out and besieging my soul,
I long for purpose and the envy of others
Yet I wish for understanding and stability,
Buying time that is ever expensive
I must look to myself to reach an agreement,
Binding words have no effect onto the tempered mind
And so shall my desires seek new paths to find.
Amer Pelides Feb 2018
In the winter chill
My heart heaves and sighs,
I've seen and heard all I can bear
What do my eyes not see?
The endless toil, the never ending cascade of suffering and disillusionments,
I find myself not caring or feeling.
Why should the heavens pour joy, while I weep in grief?
I shall never know, why I have received these just deserts.
Could this be my trial?
Could this be my end?
I leave it to fate to do as it wills.
Amer Pelides Sep 2017
I make my way out of my warm and cosy home,
Walking towards a park so near
The chilling and sobering wind,
Brushing against my face
I hear the grass crunch beneath my shoes,
The hushed whisper of people conversing
I feel at peace and harmony with all,
I reach a bench empty and untaken
I sit and breathe in fresh air,
Staring at the ripples made in the river before me
Ripples created by ducks and swans,
I observe adults walking from work and children waddling from school
I seem to pay no attention to them,
In a world of my own I am in
I drift into a short sleep as the sun sets,
Who knows if it shall rise again
When I open my eyes.
Amer Pelides Sep 2017
Wisdom read but unheard,
Is truly an injustice
Why must the world suffer fools,
That know not the difference
Between ignorance and knowledge,
Wisdom is felt from the heart
And sung with the breath,
A million ills can be righted
With one wise counsel,
Joy can be grasped with caution,
Not with haste and recklessness
Hear my words,
And take heed of my warnings
Wisdom should be heard and felt,
Not taken for granted
Amer Pelides Aug 2017
The flame burns bright and hot,
Like joy kindled from love
I live in your heart endlessly and intensely,
Have you ever known a warmth such as this?
All for you my dear
I need you as the fish need water,
As the trees need the sun
I long for you as fire burns fierce for air,
Walk with me through flame and ash
And I will protect you from the heat,
As the she-wolf protects its cub
A blazing flame flickering in the dark is no match,
For my constant and steady affection.
Amer Pelides Aug 2017
Gnawing at me and clawing its way out,
My loss and my agony comes forth
Like droplets from the sky,
Would I wish for an easier path?
A path full of comfort and leisure,
Have I failed you?
This day this hour,
Memories seem to flood
From my mind,
I once had a spirit indomitable
Life has seen to its demise,
I am sorry my sweet love
I wish my spirit could return strong and full,
Like a war ship full of hardy men
But alas death does not return,
What it has taken
I remain spiritless forever more.
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