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Amer Pelides May 2020
Blessed sun and glorious weather,
I feel you warming my blood,
The bitter cold has said its goodbye,
Now the sun is here to lift our spirits,
What more could one ask for?
I remember how grey I felt during those cold spells,
Those times are now past,
Brightness is all I can see,
Oh, how I wish summer could last for ages,
It would be a welcome thing,
For as long as I live.
Amer Pelides May 2020
Words were thrown into a turning wheel,
Twisting and turning their meaning,
Humble and thoughtful they were not,
They were intended to hurt and dismay,
I felt their sting and cold touch,
Why was I the target of such accusations?
Am I the carrion and they the scavenger?
I did not deserve this,
Or maybe I did.
Amer Pelides May 2020
I know what it means to love,
and not receive its embrace,
I've known many a girl that refused me,
I feel pity for myself and anger at my folly,
Would I wish I was different?
Why, yes!
Perhaps it would've helped me a great deal,
Knowing what hindered me,
and what got in my way.
A fish can only swim so far,
until it realizes that it has been in the same river,
All its life.
I do wish for change,
But how much more can I wait?
Amer Pelides May 2020
The deep-seated feeling that comes from a challenge,
Cannot be underestimated,
A rush of excitement and a climbing thrill.
It is the fire that burns kindled by competition,
Harness that energy to your advantage,
and you shall conquer the field.
As we all know, a furious drive is key to the game.
Amer Pelides May 2020
Lost in the rabble and drunk in the street,
Drowning in beer and gnawing fresh meat,
This is the way all men should live,
Leaving nothing behind like flour through a sieve,
Give me one reason why I should care?
Watch me dance and show off my flare,
The world burns and leaves everything in ash,
I don't give a hoot and to prove it I'll give you a flash,
I'm having fun and don't you dare judge me.
Amer Pelides May 2020
Oh, lavish rays pour upon me your favor,
The warm flush of naked light gives me life,
My skin teeming with sensation,
A golden blanket enveloping me,
The cold of the frost has withered,
Leaving only your burning love,
Through you, I can feel all,
I am not afraid when you are near,
How can I be?
When I can sing praise to your shine.
Amer Pelides May 2020
A dream of a thousand years,
Comes once in a lifetime and with it brings hope,
The sourness of existence has little taste,
But a well-placed wish can make all the difference,
This world in all its tragedy can make us feel weak,
A laugh with our friends and family helps all,
Is my place in such merriment secure?
I'm drawn to my dreams like a bee to the nectar,
An infinite rush of ever-changing thoughts.
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