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  Jan 13 21st Century
I am such a failure I can't even write a poem.

I can't string my simple thoughts into coherent sentences



21st Century Dec 2018
You do not need to hide yourself for me because
You are always in my heart and mind

Stop doing things that can hurt yourself. Do things that can makes you a better person.
21st Century Dec 2018
The truth is staying to you is
more painful than leaving you alone.
21st Century Dec 2018
Here I am sitting at the lonely four corners
thinking, why i'm not enough?
21st Century Dec 2018
Hold on, this is not the last day of happiness
Happiness that you found into her Eyes
Eyes that see the Truth
Truth that is shining like the star in the Sky
Sky that gives you opportunity to Lived
Lived in this world full of Loneliness
Loneliness that mold You

Yes exactly your'e the reason to Hold on.
21st Century Dec 2018
Your words is my happiness
Your words is my strength
I feel your presence
I know your'e always there
I know you feel the same way
My soul is yours
Because your'e the reason why
You created me and shape me.
I love you
oh! My Lord
don't forget to give praises to him
loved him
obey him
  Dec 2018 21st Century
The thought of maybe loosing you
Because I’m falling out of love
But being with you although maybe fun
I don’t know if it’s what I want.
Am I still in love with you?
Do you feel the same way?
Neither of us put the effort in anymore.
Is it just about over for us?
Please, help me out
Do you want to still be with me?
Cause I am unsure.
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