Lily Mae Jul 4
From the turning point on~  John Patrick Robbins

It's like a season and so must they all pass.

We tie ourselves down with burdens best left with another then somehow placed upon you.

None of it is easy or becomes less in time, our shoulders slouch, the smiles fade

and we hide our pain inside the next drink or popping of some pills.

There's a reality here though, nothing can make numb feel better or take away the ache that takes up residence through our pain.

Life has a stench to it that makes me wonder if we are all walking the dead road of ****.

But in spite of the situation I would probably light cigarette and laugh just the same.

A switch blade nature and less concern for you than others serves us well at times it seems.

I wonder can you view anything flawed as long as I, and not take some of that burden upon yourself.

Age doesn't teach **** it merely exposes the flaws.

Mine are many now what about yours?

Ironic isn’t it, how far stretched some of our answers will be.

Extracting truth can feel like an aborted spinal tap

then the grin…as I strike the match against the calloused heart and inhale deep…just to feel the burn and lie like I always do.
People lie...sometimes...some people are the lie... mirrors don't lie
Lily Mae May 25
It felt like a sin...this thing between you and I
as soon as you took your hand to the back of my neck
weaving my hair between your fingers squeezing tight forcing my face towards yours

You watch...
as my body moves over yours and that sweet thick head of yours got lost deep inside of me
Two pulses moving together...raging like two fires seeking for the highest release

Our breaths ceased as the motion melded  us into one being
Sweat escaped us as our hunger forced us to scream for absolution
none was ever

And I’d do it again and again just to see that love turned into **** in your eyes~
Lily Mae Apr 16
We ran that dream down the shore line that night.

Sat watched the lights off in the distance nothing was shared for you didn't have anything left.

And I was a memory sitting beside you in the sand that already you had allowed to be taken away with the tide.

It was time to free float, taking that deep breath in while letting the life force leave the corpse that’s been stealing breath from life for far to long.

All that defined me, every soul fragment lost on a far away dream that was in itself as empty as a tomb with timeless echos.

An existence wasted don't you think?  

The mind ***** my own soul while blood still raged hot through my veins.  I could have, but chose not.

There is a place we lose ourselves slowly with time , age and bitterness.

It never is questioned and often finds us alone when all we ever needed was another.

Maybe like animals we know when it's time and simply distance ourselves from the pack.

I cannot recall anymore what it was to be part of that which lingers upon the horizon .

As badly as I thirst to know I realize it is a broken dream and I need only too sleep we all lose something.

Down by the shore is where they will find me .

Caught in the sadness that is a misspent existence watching all those free horses as they run.

Life never stops but surely will I .

All those pretty horses will often remind you the true meaning of being alone.
I could never pen the words without the inspiration.

You have always been the  silent partner behind the madness and I know many will read this wrong.

Sweetheart I am a world of trouble and a sea of regret .

But your presence amongst the insanity has remained my light no matter how lost I was you remained.

And no words will ever repay the debt I certainly owe.

The voice that laughed on the other end of a conversation when I found only darkness instead .

I owe you everything as now I find my place .

I know words are my path and you knew them first .

We are all lost in some way but no words can do justice to the
person that I know beyond this page .

Sweetheart I seldom let anyone in but we know the truths beyond the storms in this life .

This debt I can never repay but these words I can certainly write.

This is what I leave to you.

The soul is my work and this yet another goodnight.

No flowers to wither and no fruit to spoil.

Trace it's more than words but all I can give for now .

Hold this true from a joker and a best friend that lingers in conversation that which can so easily be cast upon this page.

A wink and a thought shared on yet another long distance call.

No words will ever describe what you mean to me .

I guess I will say nothing and just let the credits roll .

We know are truths and that's good enough for now.


I may be good at short stories and getting poetry published as of late but to whom this is dedicated deserves far better .

But **** consider the ***** Thats writing it .


Lily Mae Feb 9
When all that once felt natural fades into black
it's time to shed the cloak of the forgotten
changing back into the pristine
...only to find obsidian mist and a lost soul there

Shame raised her head to seek

Only to find the forbidden gone
absent from all that once was
there was no choice but to fall
asleep in the opaque web they weaved

Sun kisses the moon good night

She walks thru unknown emotions
visions of a dark misty forest
her heart turns stone cold
each memory offering no solace

Seeking once more who she once was

Fighting to be anything to anyone
graceful love so true now bitter
chasing colorless rainbows of fake promises
trying to forget he thought of her as nothing

Time to shed the cloak of dying.....

Waking from a dream to the empty
Lily Mae Jan 22
Long ago as young girls we would dream of that one love
that would take our breath away
...meeting them under brightened stars on a moonlit night with
a whisper of a breeze caressing our skin

Time faded those dreams as first loves stole our  
hearts with warm wet kisses teased us during those days while our bodies awakened
to the passion of both the body and mind

time became hurt to breathe  

Watching a heart shaped hourglass bleeding life
while the only sound in midnight silence were those of dripping tears  
leaking thru cracks of our souls believing in empty intentions
...shadowed memories become visions of confusion in the darkened night  

Until the sunset of the last day our child like hearts will ache  
from the constant pain of unknowing
Was any of it real?  Did any of mean anything?
...The last tear has fallen from the hourglass  
the silence answers our fears in a resounding no
Lily Mae Jan 9
Listening to the clock on the wall
while memories **** my mind
sending chills across my barbwire

Mocking echos hit the wall of
distaste while feasting still
takes place

Hate is less than here...
it's more about a life wasted
on midnight dreams soaking
on a **** filled bed

A tight grasp around the
the old hags neck keeps
the control in place
...while the gnawing on fingers
chokes the swallow

Conjuring up old shadows
on *** spilled walls
becomes a solo puppet show

Shallow breaths mask
excess flame
While chasing time~
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