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Lily Mae Jul 7
Something sinister was brewing
chimes made of bones were casting spells.

Cloth dolls with x'd out eyes reminded me
of all of you.

And oh...oh how you burned in the fire
while I just drank a beer with a content *******
in my heart.

God I love summer...
Reminiscing with pure intent.  No harm was done to the bones and beer.
Lily Mae May 30
Go ahead
make sure they all hate me
make sure they all believe your lies
and knee deep *******.

I've got the truth
and you have nothing
absolutely nothing.
Lily Mae Apr 5
Dandelions in her hair
mists of Avalon dance
within her soul

And for in this moment
this one moment
she believed in love one more time
Lily Mae Mar 13
An accidental whisper moved through
a soul thought to have been sealed; stone cold.

Yet there it was, alive with a warmth that
engaged; reawakening so many memories.

Laughter was born in those moments with a
gentle grace and ease; while fires burned in whispers.

A heart forever drifting in a space in time when
love existed in the purest form.

Forever grateful to feel that whisper move in,
making the heart of grace beat just one more time.
Lily Mae Jan 15
There it was the dead air she was waiting for
the time in between lies and *******.
Love in layers like the onion and all that boils
down to is burning stench.
Can’t blame the dream though
since reality holds its own truth.

Light up, take a drag
Fill your glass to the rim
Spill the false bravado to page

And there; is where the painful laughter ends.
Lily Mae Dec 2018
There's an unexplained need in me to see you bleed
maybe it would cast out the demons you left inside me.

But there you are living your dream
while I cast shadows on the walls.

Finger puppet me one more time
so something feels real.

Or not...I'll just keep dancing with
the shadows on the wall.

Can you pass me a pill and a cigarette please?
Lily Mae Nov 2018
And remember when
life was so different
time didn’t seem to matter
luv wasn’t so invisible

Instead the moments
shared created a fire
that seared our skin
ravishing our senses

Hearts poured out
emotions of luv
felt so divinely
as we danced to thunder

It all felt like perfection until we fell
bruised knees with muddied hands
betrayed by joy our hearts
screamed for mercy

Surrendering sorrowful tears
hidden by pouring rain
lifting cries to heaven above
pleading for our souls to heal

and here it ends with tears streaming down the faces of love~

with memories forever making us laugh or cry~
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