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Lily Mae Feb 22
Trying to force the natural sequence of nature is like slamming your head against a board of nails. Acceptance of who we are in our own divinity,  instead of playing dress up and pretending to be someone we are not.

You can’t wear Prada, drink the richest bourbon, smoke fancy cigars, and do the finest line of ******* and compare yourself to the man.  The boy, mimicking a man.  
You see, he wears Levi’s, smells of cheap whiskey, smokes whatever is free,  and writes about a life that once was, before the pain.  The infallible days of clarity.

You can’t walk a poor mans path, with your rich arrogance.  There isn’t enough money to buy this man’s soul.  His story, unfolds daily and reeks of a heavy burden, lack of that deep intimacy, lack of hope.  Yet, he is rich in character, rich in wisdom, rich in reflection and worth so much more than the shell of a human pretending to be what he never will be.

The man’s book embodies thousands of pages,  well read.  The boys, empty pages of a life never lived.

Carry on…nothing to see here
Lily Mae Jan 13
~Together we exhaust each other’s senses
feeding off carnal needs and desires
made sinful by frigid disasters

~Time has nothing on two who have
suffered from a cruel separation
due to fear of crucifixion

~Your taste lingers inside my mouth
while the memory of feeling the beat
of your heart surge through your staff

~Selfish am I too have kissed your entire
body just to inhale every intense release
of your body's purging taste on my buds

~Still it was you
you finally getting what you wanted
you taking those black lace *******
in your hand and ripping them down
while plunging deep inside the heaven
you came to over and over in dreams

~Spent you and I
Exhausted but never over
Our imprint is inside us both

~Tell that to our haters....
Lily Mae Jan 13
Ego was stripped from skin
in layers until the trail of tears
was no longer visible to the blind

Monks chant in the distance
as souls dance to the melancholy;
strength of the limb is tested
...wearing Sunday's best

Frayed rope is placed on ivory
rough against the delicate truth
only to be choked before it could be heard

Lover be ******; pained eyes meet
the noose being tightened by hands
that once cupped the breast of the Mother
...betrayal found in man's milk

Foundation is kicked away in one swift
motion; crushing the pathway of life
swaying with eyes wide open

Ego killed the delicate that day
a day of broken promises; dreams
forever became a lie, the lie truth

Delicate is still here in the shadows
swaying between trees in an eternal
dance in Sunday's dress
...waiting for the neck to fully break

Haunting Ego's chance~
Lily Mae Jan 3
Tonight as I watched the flame of the candle
I felt for a moment, just one moment
that my breath had become yours
my mind went silent...
as I, whispered you to me
Lily Mae Dec 2023
There is this memory of you and I...a time when all we did was graced...all that was said was gold and all we felt was the blood of the earth and the sky pumping through our veins
... Simply meant to be  
Now the lines are blurred like the ripples in the water.  I can't see clearly anymore I can't see the defined lines.   I don't know the rules and I'm tired.   I want to know your love and I wish that you could want it as much as I do
But the blood of the earth ran dry and the sky is covered in grey.  
... simple rantings of the forlorn  
Time has stolen the youth on my face. It is taken away moments that can't be recaptured. They say hope will heal that.   I'd like to believe that hope still existed, that there is a higher purpose to be found in these moments of solitude and void. I want to believe... so very bad .
...simply my belief lands on you  
Sadness is irrrelevant here. The madness of letting go of the wants and needs of the mind and the heart... leaves me in shallow water  wandering constantly.  It's the memories and dreams that  make me sad. Thats what takes me into that dark night of the soul where I question everything.  
... simple renderings  
Ankle deep in shallow water... blurred, ripples with each  movement...  I doubt if I could drown here even though they say it only takes a teaspoon of water.  
Where I feel my air getting cut off from my body is in the moments when I think of our future...the one we can't have because it's been blocked by fear.
How foolish can two people be to let go of those kind of dreams? Maybe we're just the kind of people that like to feel pain, that like to drown in sadness while pretending...that we're all ok.
...simply it's not ok
So today we turn another blank page...while the pen has run dry. The words of all been spoken... so the heart and the voice have fallen asleep...shh
Lily Mae Dec 2023
Consequential damage accumulated within multiple sorrows has that eternal clock left with permafrost, binding the impactful moments to each cell.

Confusion sets in as the soul screams for redemption, wanting to be free of the “sins” of the masses, including the mass within.

Staying in vigil of my own essence, my own love, each step takes me further into the abyss.

Falling upon broken knees,  broken from years of repent, tears fall as the body quakes in release.

Again, a journey into the dark night of the soul.  A space where a stamp on the frequent flyer card would be nice for a bonus ascension.

Rising within the etheric realm, shedding the mud and negativity is the goal.

Why isn’t it mainstream to want to rise above?

This space, this damnable space is ours alone to navigate.  No pill fixes it, no substance numbs it.

It’s that journey we signed up for which is ironic.  So the basic message?

Stay in your own lane, rise and shine, **** or get off the ***, rot and die.

Impregnable choice isn’t it?

Ironically it’s on us…cheers.
Lily Mae Mar 2022
When the tender reappears
after years of scorching pain
a peaceful calm fills the air

I surrendered to the fire
Once…just once
now the scars are being kissed by fate
A fate full of sweet offerings

Standing here now in the delicate
there is only grace flowing through
these veins
…love born from the divine

You don’t need to love me in
my simplicity
Because I do.
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