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Lily Mae Aug 2
Stepping back away from the crazy only to see how raw the leftovers are.
Remnants of humans in daily decay fly away with each gust of wind which seems to be the breath of humanity as of late.

To much hate and ******* with one way thinking is taking the place of the heart and compassion.
You see... I can't tolerate the self righteous.  "My mind, my thoughts, my way is the only right are all fools".  And I stand here shaking my head calling *******.

I use to escape to writing until I saw the manifestation of ugly move in.  No getting lost in love and simple thoughts when the whole world is aching...struggling and fighting to be.  

I'm sick of watching friends deny true real life friends for online misfits and the ******* that comes with them.  You know, the guy who can't share his phone number because he's married but his wife is a cow and doesn't fulfill him.?  The woman who lays in bed next to her husband virtually, verbally ******* this complete stranger.

Babies though are still having babies because during all of this everyone is still able to ***** anyone but just cant hug or shake a hand... So then I get to see the babies beating babies, baby daddies beating mommies and boom then lets get a dog and add to that mix.
****...I can't take ya'll.  I got my own mirror to look in and that alone is scary as hell.  

We ******* up again this time around on Earth.  We couldn't make it work...and now the only future highlight is Armageddon...

Sorry if this is a buzz **** but life and our reaction to it is just that...
Lily Mae May 18
Deliberately and in a most advanced way I want you
to fill the void with a hard grand slam.
Are you getting this?

Red lips slightly open with blue eyes that you could dive into
I breathe...
The heat escapes, landing on your lips
Do you feel me?  Really, because my body
is reacting to your essence, your breath, heat, and
the immense ******* know what I mean

There's a high in diving deep into my waters
and a low when you deny me
You see, I'm ready to receive the fire, the *******
of your words on flesh...

Engorged with a desire to feel the pumping blood
of my vessel against you.

Do you feel me?  

You know how I like it, and where...just say yes
Lily Mae Nov 2019
You'd rather remember the women of the past
the ones with eyes like emeralds and souls like ****

Right here...right now their is a blue eyed woman
getting who you are in body, mind and soul

And nothing
Lily Mae Sep 2019
Who am I?  In comparison to this young woman with three children and a newly diagnosed brain tumor why her?  Beautiful and young with purpose.
I'm old.  I've abused myself and have allowed others to follow.  The wrinkles on my face aren't Mother natures gift of time.   It's a badge of trauma from an unworthy life.
So why am I here and why is she being tested?
Life is unfair.  All I could do is place my hands on her crown and breathe the healing into the places of "dis"ease.
All I could do is hold her soul and lift her up with spirit.  All I could do is love her from this place of knowing about brokenness.
All I did was wipe her tears away and love her.
Why her God...and why me?
A client today.  It made me sad to see such a vibrant woman, young, beautiful with life purpose be brought to her knees.  xoxo
Lily Mae Sep 2019
Your thoughts
my soul...two magnets
playing a game of give and take

My thoughts
your soul...two crowns of thorns
bleeding drops of rain


Mysteries unfold
time stands still
breath stops...heart skips

I'd rather wear the crown of thorns
then never to have known
the moments of bliss that unfold
in the torturous corners of our minds

Twisted pleasures
in body, mind and spirit...

© 2019 Lily Mae
Lily Mae Sep 2019
There is a constant that runs through my soul
better and clearer than any other dream.

The river; she harbors my wants and desires within
her constant ever-changing being.

Release of all the unhealthy ties that have kept me
bound wash away into the depths, twist and turns
setting me free.

All freedom has a cost.  I have paid the price like so many.
Now here on rivers edge in the light of the sun I erase the debt
and feel the hope, joy and love like never before.

Here in this place, I don't beg, borrow or fear.  Here in love,
I receive for the very first joy filled time~eternal.

© 2019 Lily Mae
The sweet life...
Lily Mae Sep 2019
When someone starts the "I love you's" (and you cringe)
knowing your friendship just ended by the words that just departed their lips.

I don't want you to love me.  I wanted to be a friend.  You don't know  how to do either.  

Sorry I don't want the spice of life you offer.  I'm swimming in my own **** actually.  But thank you for the advance warning that you **** and are totally gloom and doom.  

The habit isn't so far off after all is it?  Safer, kinder and just slightly twisted.

Not knotted up in ball binds and finger *******.  

Good on you....Good on you.
Sick of self absorbed blame shamers..carry on.  I know you will, whoops...are...
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