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Matthew 8h
Hush little baby, don't run away
Mama's gonna see you another day

And if that time is too much to bear,
Papa's gonna buy you a new blue chair

keep that blue chair close to you
I'll need it for the day you say "I do"

Shh little baby, wipe away those tears
There is something that you need to hear

                                                           ­                         I'll love seeing you again
                                                           ­                                          remember that

                                                           ­                                 It might be too soon
                                                            ­                                    for you to accept,
                                                         ­                                                            but
                                                             ­                                                            ...
                                                             ­                                                              .
                                                               ­                                     She's dead
Final words
Breaking chains, drenched in the rain.

I’m Sitting
A step
Two more
Open sky
Smells like
Lilac, lavender
metallic Feast
The scent
Hiding now
Colors Fading
I’m losing
Hiding in Crates
Dying, Empty
Instinct... Animalistic
How basic
How human like,
Cowering in the sight of
Ones reflection
How sad,
How detestable
I’ve become what I fear
None of the dead come back. But some stay...
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Luna 13h
Madness like a red coat
Around her throat
Drowning in the ruins
Of her own misery
Own sorrow
O’ dear child,
You should have stayed
In that garden of yours
Among the myriads of
Growing daises
Gifting each of us a violet
For centuries to keep
But how long can
Leaves shade you
From the
Many faces of fate—
The cruelest ones always name after us,

Dwell in the many layers of rosemary and pansies;
Look how is ironic history just became
With its indelible smell of
Fennel and Columbius ;

Drawn towards the many
Spun webs of the
Golden singing spiders—
She floats amongst the
Water lilies
From here on.
Matthew 14h
I Know
I am just
An Old Shoe
That should be thrown away
But if you tear me to small pieces.
And rearrange my flesh to be with you
It could be the perfect fit for me and you.
Your Old Shoe
jsb 18h
you're not gone
I just can't see you anymore
and you'll forever live on
in each and every drop of my blood
A sunken land of ice and snow
A walking woman who’s robes did glow
And outside of the temple sowed
A magic plant to bloom and grow

It’s leaves would sprawl
Cast a shadow and begin to crawl
And a sun set for the endless night
Never again to be bright
Breathing in
breathing out
feeling my ribs and its elasticity, while
taking baby steps like I never walked before.
For the first time, I hope
this walk is no means to an end.
Walking on endless fluffy clouds,
the three colored leaves, the fluffy gold retriever
won't even lure my eyes
With you. Like a full baby,
my smile says everything.

Every breath was just a means to surviving
Every step was just a means to a cave
All the three-star meals
was an excuse to watch tv
Looking down from the apex of ignorance
I thought the clock was mine,
I dreamed the gold will be mine,
hallucinating our journey would reach across the horizon
to slowly smile at you.

Puffy eyes and wet pillows say it all
I am digging my own grave to get to the clouds
while another sun shines on my back.
Again, closing my eyes just for another walk
on that fluffy night cloud.

I heard dreams come true.
I wish that was true.
Love you.

Dreams Come True
Veronika 21h
Oh sweet flower, Lilac in colour
Whisper to me your final words.
Your stem hugs my ear, your petals do quiver
in the silent passage of the air, the wind.

Uprooted you lay here, soon to wither
Picked from the rest, by the hand
Your god
And for what reason
are you planted hither?
If only to pass on the message of your Lord

Please tell him I've heard it
And that I know not
what I did to deserve it,
And that I shall carry his message
As a seed of love in my heart.
Dedicated to a loved one
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