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Philippines    frail.
Joshua Dairy Fray
London Ontario    singer/songwriter and poet from London Ontario


The Good Pussy Oct 2014
                       ­      Grains Meat
                           **** Fruit and
                         Vegetables Dairy
                             Grains Meat
                             ****    Fruit
                             an d    V ege
                             tables  Dairy
                             Grains Meat
                             ****    Fruit
                             and   V e g e
                             tables Dairy
                             Grains Meat
                             ****     Fruit
                             a n  d    Vege
                             tables  Dairy
                  Grains Meat **** Fruit and
                Vegetables Dai  ry Grains Meat
                  ****  Fruit  an  d   Vegetables
                     Dairy Grains    Meat ****
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
Im watching over them...those freaks and perverted beast...the dark flesh that owns the land..I save them from there doom...keep them out those job is to protect the I sit...I glimpse and I see a ray of hope...
Purity...from the ***** of my imperfection...I began to be aroused...thought about swooping down, in a single bound..being so cliche'..but I've since grown from my stereotypical ways....Cuz this world here ain't kind to no hero..this worlds only sin painted in a mural...But she could be the chance to save the day!!...But they wanna **** the hero...they say **** the hero....Try to save the hoes...but I think I save a woman...kryptonite to my sins...She could be the cleanse...I could actually win...
-Dairy of a ****** superhero.