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Zywa May 2023
Eavesdropping always

changes something, except when --

it's done secretly.
"Trois couleurs: Rouge" - Fraternité ("Three Colours: Red" - Fraternity, 1993, Krzysztof Kieślowski)

Collection "Mastress"
Àŧùl May 2017
Even the walls have their ears,
Although they are nonliving,
Virgin cries were overheard,
Easily by the walls themselves,
Sexy sounds of *******,
Deflowering the young wife,
Roping in spies for the purpose,
Opening the ***** so delicate,
People so enjoy overhearing,
Pretty sights shine right upfront,
In their addiction to **** time,
No secrets remain virtuously,
G**ood habits are hard to develop.
Defaming the non-living is so easy,
People eavesdrop often to later blame it on the walls,
They say that even the walls have ears.

My HP Poem #1564
©Atul Kaushal
Fay Castro Dec 2016
I told him the labour fee was for him alone.
he did it at home?
Who told him to take it home?
I've finished all my materials
30 thousand NT is all I'm giving
It's fair.
it's for my husband
Exactly, they'll help you make the rest!
It's not my cash
Everyone thinks differently.
I'm sorry.
Eavesdropping is bad, kids.
Ena Alysopriono Nov 2014
So often I find myself
Engrossed in conversations
I am not a part of
When I am alone
On the bus
At school
In any shop
I hear interesting snippets
Of stories
Or annoying gossip
Sometimes I will
Count how many times
They say like
One girl
Said it 37 times
In six minutes
I laugh at peoples jokes
Or the stupidity of their statements
To amuse myself
And pass time
I know you do too
Because we hear something hilarious
Or weird
Or something we wish we hadn't
And we make eye contact
And laugh
At the weird things you hear
While eavesdropping
Yeah that just happened. I promise I am mostly not a a stalker, just occasionally.
JP Goss Aug 2014
Talk, shutter
Cooling babble,
Paddies ‘tween
The bugs swim, paddle
Whispered gush,
Though never hush
There cast soft in the light of ease
Sensual talk
Down the candid rock
A bridge to honor the way
Bemoaned pleasures
Nature’s fetters
Gone as a little mouse
Trickling now,
Walk on wetter
The fall may never stop
And soon all secrets are revealed
Heads go to the leaves
Spies returning to the eaves.

— The End —