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Zero Nine Nov 2017
look at me center stage
send your brain to sleep
if you can't, or won't
this is going to look a lot like satire
but picture me here
with yourself in the audience
you've seen my name on the internet
you've probably seen it on facebook
maybe you've heard of my movies
let's see if you can name five
isn't it funny that i'm being conceited
isn't it funny that i'm not like other women?
let's see if you can name five
maybe you've heard of feminism
if you hate it, i hate you, if you love it,
i reinvented it in a co-opted form
so please, don't forget to thank me
but seriously, though, just kidding
there's some real acting, here
i'm acting like i give one slimy **** about you
and your plebeian existence
i'm acting like i give a single, genuine *******
thought or care
to your meaningless, peasant
life, but i've never thought of you once, at all, .
you think it matters once your
stank cash and card swipe become my available
balance? i drive a tesla, ffs
i've heard the word philanthropy, it's meaning
is a mystery, or is it? ****
you, thanks for the view, but this is my business
Viseract Nov 2016
Demons and angels,
Fight for what is right
You may say that one is wrong
But the lights do shine so bright

If a demon is of darkness,
And an angel to it's opposite
Then who is really incorrect
When it gets down to it?

Both sides fight for what they believe in
Stereotypes don't dictate correctness
I could be a demon
And you may agree with my arguments

It's all just opinion,
And a strong sense of belief
To the point it overwhelms you
And become afraid of deceit

*Just two sides of the same coin....
JayceeJellies Nov 2016
I hate when I'm in the mood to write
But nothing I put down comes out right.
I'm thinking about him and my excitement
But at the same time I'm nervous, also content.

I guess I can't decide whether to be tired or vent.
My Master is being kind keeps me happy under all circumstances
Ignores all, chance after chance just gives me very many chances
Helps me to encounter all difficulties as well as difficult challenges
He overlooks my all sins and actions and whatever over indulgences

Under sheer disgust and disappointments I always look towards Him
When I become seriously ill and all healers make me hopeless and grim
His kindness prevails over and empowers all odd situations up to brim
I love you at the peril of my life I bow in front of you with just my whim

My dearest God My ultimate Love ,Truth and Beauty let me praise
My soul is reinvigorated with Your Love phrase just in every phase
Under complete love and affection I want to touch glory with craze
When Satan sways and strays in negligence only God correct my ways

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Bennett's-Words Jul 2016
they say art should be "nice",
and that it can be,
but there's much more to art,
than what you can see;

there is no right or wrong,
art is meant to speak,
to stir up curiosity,
cause creativity to leak;

so next time someone tells you,
"art is there to admire",
look to them and say,
"no, art is to inspire"
inspired by the Eleanor and Park quote
Everything must be
Correct in every sense of
The definition
Wyatt Apr 2016
Sometimes you're the rose and sometimes you're the thorn.
I've gotta correct the situation
because I know I've done something wrong.
I just want to feel something different than this.
I'm sick of hearing the same old songs,
time to change the album and write something new.
Now that I'm stronger on my own,
maybe I can overpower the things in my head.
Turning dark thoughts into strong action.
Sometimes you're the rose and sometimes you're the thorn.
Sometimes you're the sunshine and sometimes you're the storm.
Day Oct 2015
my heart say "write about love and pain"
my mind says "write about logic''
my peers say "write about something cool"
my parents say "write about discipline"
my school says "write about knowlege"
my friends say "write about whatever"*

my hand says "just write"
i honestly dont like this but i guess ill see what yall have to say about it
ConnectHook Sep 2015
Unlocked, loaded, let your words flame papercandle-flame

set arson to thought-control, combust news.

Pyro-dissident: touch fire to their views

Reveal new topographies, mind-shaper.

Spark a candle – a single thin taper.

Subvert what worldlings dare not refuse.

The herd will always revile or accuse;

but contours alter for you, landscaper –

so chastise darkness. Proclaim what is right.

(When their stable burns down due to your light

or smoldering, implodes, it’s not your fault.)

If the status quo will not acquiesce

then muster another frontal assault.

There’s no shame in a flame; just incandesce…
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