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We did it for the future
The future of all
But now the future demands
We all die

We did it!
True giving is to destroy everything which destroys the future.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
look at me center stage
send your brain to sleep
if you can't, or won't
this is going to look a lot like satire
but picture me here
with yourself in the audience
you've seen my name on the internet
you've probably seen it on facebook
maybe you've heard of my movies
let's see if you can name five
isn't it funny that i'm being conceited
isn't it funny that i'm not like other women?
let's see if you can name five
maybe you've heard of feminism
if you hate it, i hate you, if you love it,
i reinvented it in a co-opted form
so please, don't forget to thank me
but seriously, though, just kidding
there's some real acting, here
i'm acting like i give one slimy **** about you
and your plebeian existence
i'm acting like i give a single, genuine *******
thought or care
to your meaningless, peasant
life, but i've never thought of you once, at all, .
you think it matters once your
stank cash and card swipe become my available
balance? i drive a tesla, ffs
i've heard the word philanthropy, it's meaning
is a mystery, or is it? ****
you, thanks for the view, but this is my business
ryn Oct 2017
Days with deficits
Let me give you what you need
Take all you can get
Do you ever realize?
The significance of a coin
Given, to the beggar
On all-fours.
For the value of this coin,
Worth no more than
Spare change to thee,
Brings them
One step closer to
Living another day.

Do you ever ponder?
The release of instincts,
Like hyenas, in search of food,
Scouring the plains.
When beings seek nourishment.
Every second, minute,
Longing for survival,
Basking in the smell of food.
Without a meal and shelter,
The homeless have nowhere to go,

Do you ever wonder?
The act of charity,
Bringing a smile upon the under-privileged.
For their appreciation,
Their meager 'Thank You',
Greater for themselves,
Than they do to you,
Regardless of your standing.
Bless be the silver
That feeds their families once again.

Never do you believe
The true value of your coin,
When it is brought upon others
Whom need it more:
When it is used to bring others
To a plane higher than ever before,
When it is used to provide,
To nurture,
To care
For the homeless.

The coin in your pocket may be
Their shelter for a day.
An act of kindness goes a long way.
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
It's not about the number of poems
I make but about touching
hearts of those in need of
an invisible hand and
the quality
of my touch...
So I'd rather
have one piece touch 1000 souls
than a 1000 pieces that won't
send out even a single ripple
to the million limpid hearts...
I'm all about squeezing a smile
out of those hardened by grief
subsequently finding self relief
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
The Universe was  molded for you and I to share
We are created with big Hearts so that we care
  blessed with flawless eyes so we can see the road
and the might it takes to lighten a neighbour's load
these feet are built tough for the miles to walk
we have developed brains to digest and think
and the courage to sail through life like we can never sink
we have these warm arms to tightly embrace
not folding fists, holding weapons to bring unrest
We are born with curiosity,cause life's an adventure
and a difference made by you is your presence in absensure
the beautiful teeth are designed to **** your smile
not to greet in unnecessary coarse envy and bile
our experiences are for us to inspire and tell
to uplift them whose lives feel like a living hell
the mountains and hills were built for us to hike
ensure each fresh climb beats your previous height
rainbows are hope after rain, pleasure after pain
why give up the struggle when you can start again?
the gardens of life are floret scented with consolation
for broken hearts trapped in the darkness of desolation
the scars are a testimony that wounds do heal
don't let a moment the rest your life steal
the starved hunter surrenders not when he has no ****
for the sweet glowing Sun often rises after the bitter chill
these ugly poems are penned to emphasise
that the beautiful souls are seeded to empathise.
leave your footprints in Hearts and not on sand
the dust in the heart holds firmer than that on land
so use your arms, feet, might, heart and soul
use your greatest possession for the good of us all
Brent Kincaid Jan 2016
Why do I see angels
That no one else can see?
They look like people
Just like you and like me.
They are everywhere
I have ever chanced to go.
They work their magic secretly
So nobody else can know.

I see them helping people
With subtle acts of kindness
And don’t seem to suffer from
What is a common blindness.
They don’t look for rewards
Or the sound of public applause.
They share with generosity
And quietly work at their cause.

They don’t have wings
But they are angels nonetheless.
They fit the titled perfectly.
We really don’t have to guess.
I’m beginning to think
Maybe I should not even try
To figure this one out
For me to understand why.

Why do I see angels
That no one else can see?
They look like people
Just like you and like me.
They are everywhere
I have ever chanced to go.
They work their magic secretly
So nobody else can know.
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