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Chandler M Feb 2020
Chose a path
How do I know it's the right one?
Is there a correct path?
Never learned how to do this stuff...
TIZZOP Feb 2020
i want to be a...

republican because i am a

i want to be a democrat
because i am a republican.
Today is a good day.
Masha Yurkevich Oct 2019

I changed all my passwords to


so when I get it wrong
it says:

Your password is incorrect

Just something I read somewhere that stuck in my head.
Decided to share it with you, my friends.

Hope you had a laugh :)
It is not wrong to be white
and to have dreadlocks
you may look like a pleb
but you offend me not
Nor would it offend
a black rastafarian man
of a temperate manner

I don't know any women
with white skin and
straight hair that get offended
by afro-caribbean women
wearing a straight weave
You're all just too soft now,
you're all just pet peaves

Stop getting offended
on behalf of other people
that don't even take offence
Excuse me,
whilst I build a fence
around myself hombre
Not to keep me here
but to keep you at bay

Cultural appropriation
doesn't exist
Cultural misappropriation
doesn't exist
You're all just
champagne socialists
You should get over it

Yes, you mate
The one that thinks
he's above
and must decide what is
politically correct
and whose life matters

In the end all this is
is a series of cultural
exchanges and we're
all wading through ****

Face it.
A bit of salty food for thought.
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2018
Nobody is correct in the end,
is always proved to be correct.
R Nov 2017
Love me. Hold me. Feel me. Touch me.
Show me affection. Be gentle with me.
Keep me under the covers and feed me grapes.
Sip with me this wine, vintage, upon newly bought glass.
Feel my back softly; sense the grooves within my flesh.
Unload the pain of today so I can feel the love tomorrow.
Hug me closely from behind and tell me I'm beautiful.
Press my cheek against yours and let me feel you breathe.
Let your heart pulse and echo in the chambers of my veins.
Close your eyes and let's melt together.
Let me smell the soap you use,
the feeling of your freshly trimmed fingernails, soft and cool
the tracing of your eyelashes against my waist.
Hear my cries, my passion, my love
and know that when the stars wink out
and the darkness swallows us whole
and nothing else remains...
Know that I love you.
Wyatt Feb 2017
A sail that does not further you
cannot be called a sail to begin with.
Boats that don't lay on top of the water
cannot be called boats at all.
A piece of sinking debris, maybe.
Viseract Nov 2016
Demons and angels,
Fight for what is right
You may say that one is wrong
But the lights do shine so bright

If a demon is of darkness,
And an angel to it's opposite
Then who is really incorrect
When it gets down to it?

Both sides fight for what they believe in
Stereotypes don't dictate correctness
I could be a demon
And you may agree with my arguments

It's all just opinion,
And a strong sense of belief
To the point it overwhelms you
And become afraid of deceit

*Just two sides of the same coin....

— The End —