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AM May 2015
Yes, I am walking on the sidewalk
It is safer that way
I no longer grasping for your hand
It is out of my reach
I think I'm suffering from amnesia
Your face seems unknown
And I'm incapable to recognize love
Love itself is too elusive

No, it's okay
Just let me walk away
Don't feel bad
You only make me sad
And it's not like you've ever
*Demand me to stay
Nicole May 2015
Traté de complacer al mundo,
me utilizaron.

Fomenté la unión,
todos se separaron.

Otorgué de mi tiempo,
lo malgastaron.

Me ajusté a ellos,
me abandonaron.

Planteé un orden,
lo desorganizaron.

Acepté sin condición,
todos criticaron.

Otorgué mis consejos,
no los apreciaron.

Compartí mis secretos,
los divulgaron.

Expresé mis creencias,
se burlaron.

Ofrecí mi ayuda,

Brindé mi confianza,
se aprovecharon.

Pretendí tenerlo todo,
*me quebrantaron.
Anthony Williams Oct 2014
I will do my damnedest to save you from harm
and wrap you safely up in lust
you who're only a luckless victim
a poor forsaken damsel in distress
tied to the railway tracks by a villain
in one of those black and white movies
I will arrive in the dramatic nick of time
and I shall be the hero who proves his love
when in return you kick me under the train
I'm really just vain and an incapable slave
so you relent and pull me back from the brink

I'll waste no time in rescuing you
your destiny's under my control
there's nothing you can do
no reason for you to get involved
except in relinquishing your body
yet what you do is to shelve
all my plans for today
I'm relieved you know yourself

I'll be there to deliver you from evil
the forces of love are far too weak
you have too much of it to lose to quibble
my advice is to stay put and not to seek
instead you jump into the moral saddle
urging it on so strong my heart goes meek
I repent and promise not to meddle

I'll take you in my arms and we'll escape
giving you a way out when all seems lost
picking up the pieces of your broken reality
what you need is for me to know what's best
to change you into a looker for me
I'm only glad you passed the test
with that sand I got kicked into my face
something you call leather and lace...
nice work... I secretly have to confess

You'll need me to give you a hand
when your slight frame gets knocked down
my assistance in perspective is what you need
the weights of love too great to be borne
I'd hate for yours to fatten and go to seed
and your strong love will feel no pain
when you yank me limb from limb to the ground
and ****** my salvation insanely thin

Rest assured I'll rid you of your past
that awful story of unspeakable depravity
it's easy for someone clean to dust
all traces erased of that shocking poverty
and I'll dress you anew as a lady to impress
forging history in return for a few liberties
but you tore my shoddy papers into a mess
a message that I needed you to fix me
what wasn't broken was you - I was
even more impressive love it's true
for you to sort out my lax assumptive ways
by Anthony Williams (Not Mary Mary)
Mary, Mary,
Quite Contrary,
How does your
Garden grow?

To be honest,
Said Mary,
I'm fairly airy-fairy now
And that's as contrary
As i know how to be -

I've mellowed with age
And grow lots of sage
As I'm perimenopausal
And have grown a
Dorsal fin between
My cleavage.


— The End —