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“When will you finally die?”
I am just a target
And they are just the persecutors

“Just ignore her. Destroy her.”
They refuse to quit their constant assault
I can feel myself starting to fall

My heart has become infected
And there is no cure

Would it hurt less, I wonder
If I fell from here
Or used the knife

Everybody looks down on me
I have no friend to help me
And no place to escape to

To the girl who helped me
To the girl who reached out her hand
I want to tell her—

Now she too is infected
And nobody will help her

Now she will feel it too
The same pain I did
And we will both fall together

Now the infection is spreading
And nobody is safe

Now they will all feel my pain
But in the end, I am still alone
And I still won’t die a pleasant death

— I’m sorry.
It’s 11pm and instead of sleeping I’m writing a poem based on the song ‘Bacterial Contamination’.
This poem is not based on true stuff.
Though I guess it kinda is? I’ve dealt with a lot of bullying that has led to me almost attempting suicide in the past. I survived and am doing much better now, but the girl in the poem wasn’t as lucky.
Juan Bot Mar 20
It rises above the clouds,
It is the master,
and the slave.
It is the wretched creature,
awaken from a thousand years of sleep.

But at what cost?
At what show will it play,
and to whom?

Its the sand from the sun,
the second note on every song,
A tuned instrument squealing at the command of its master.

A pig in the barn,
four legs,

The clock ticks each morning,
yet the sun settles every night.

When they come,
We will leave,
But in the direction of the rising moon.
Stay Safe everyone!
Carlo C Gomez Jan 26
Pirates of pleasure

In foreign waters

Access to excess

The fingers linger

On a perfect rounded bottom

In a conga line

Lust is a bust

This is no love boat

It's headed for dry dock

As a floating hospital

Swimming the high seas

With some unknown disease
Seema Nov 2017
I write to feel at ease
I do not write to please
For I am a simple person
Living in my own world
Not a creature of talking trees
So many memories, this mind sees
Maintain a distance from me
As you are a contamination
That fused my life to freeze...

Free me of this sickness
Get me out of my mind
This virus in my body
Keeps me awake at night

And I wait under the covers
Take my drugs, suppress my fever
But it's something I can't sweat out
The tightness in my throat
The aching of my bones
Burning behind my eyes oh tell me why why why why

I can't shake you off
I can't believe it
Dust inside my lungs
From breathing you in
Every cell in me has been contaminated
Put me under quarantine

Fires burning in my head
Don't think I've even left this bed for days
Time slips
And spills away
Keep getting sicker
Haven't found a way
To treat my symptoms or find my cure
I don't know what I'm looking for
As the hours pass, all I can think
Is how you (went and) infected me

And I'm so sick of feeling wrong
And coughing up my ******* lungs
Every bit of my being's getting worse
I became a victim of it first
I'm patient zero
And until I find you, then
I will never be healthy again
King Tutankhamun Apr 2017
man fukk this rap industry
how we got *******
actin like they
got male's  masculinity?
see its all apart of the plan to disband
to keep you confused mentally subliminally
i see them pushing gay tactics
no body reacts to it
so everybody benefits
***** ya tongue dont belong ina ****
unless its a **** to fit now
you n serious ****
lets not forget *****
ya monthly period
you cant be serious  *****  got ***** envy
but at the times
usin a *****
to a venus
but cant plant a fetus hahaha
fool you at a downfall feelin'  like Lou Rawls
as i skull **** these feminist sick of this
all is one one is all
stop chasin' waterfalls
will the real men stand tall?
got women over man
its been the ultimate plan
remember the devil?
he gave women the apple first
so that was the birth of the curse
i know i may get alot of flack
but im telling the truth
so critics go ahead and attack
only to see black
out lights out when
my guns come out
set yo spark shorts
like a tripped fuse
traveling thoughts
oh yeah and **** the courts
hopped in my  Chevy SS super sport
Smokin on a newport
got jobs to pull
never been a mule
or played a foool
but these rap males
ain't  no bulls
more like cows
how you like me now?
when my guns plow
through you
like a snow shovel
ultimately rebel to them devils
at higher levels
but im an intellectual
Leave you wired like cables
un debatable check out my label
it reads"**** U" if you aint down with my crew
just me my self and eye
why lie never seen a sty iN my third eyes
bless the skies once i kiss the high
better believe its gone be fry
from Houston to Bedstuy
i Rock like Chris
with bars beyond an abyss
hits like Beirut sounding my platoon troops
we all ready come like freddy
through nightmares make cold stares evil glares
we coming to get'cha
dumb feminist sit down
before we **** ya
Äŧül Dec 2016
Preventing contamination,
A constant challenge in cell culture.
Contamination not only affects,
The culture in question and,
Costs time and money,
But also endangers the reproducibility of results.

No cell culture problem,
Is as universal as that of culture loss
Due to contamination.

Generally, contamination may be separated,
Into categories of microbial,
And eukaryotic contamination.

Examples of microbial contamination include:
Bacteria (including Mycoplasma),
Fungi and yeast;
Eukaryotic contamination includes:
Cross-contamination with other cell lines.

Bacteria, yeast and fungi,
The three more common types of contamination,
But luckily these forms are often detectable,
Under the microscope and,
By visual cues,
Like colour or turbidity changes in the medium.

Mycoplasma is a small genus of bacteria,
That lack a cell wall and for this reason,
They remain unaffected by common antibiotics.
They are also difficult to detect,
With standard microscopes,
Due to their size, about 0.1 μm in diameter,
And the fact that they often attach to host cells.

To prevent contamination,
Use 70% ethanol for disinfecting,
Equipment & surfaces,
Related to cell culture.
Sterile filter the media first,
Before bringing to the lab.

Fetal Bovine Serum,
A potential source of contamination,
Contains mycoplasma.
Filter it at 0.1 μm, or,
Gamma irradiate it.
Aseptic technique,

The laboratory workers be the last,
But not the least source of contamination.
Teach them the ideal laboratory practices,
To ensure asepticity in a laboratory.
Source: American Laboratory

For revising an important topic from Animal Cell Culture.

HP Poem #1299
©Atul Kaushal
More and more
My eyes
Are becoming
As his
His blood
Is contaminating mine.
I see his evil soul
Spurring in my kind nature.
He is influincing me
I catch it all the time.
His ideals
His way of thinking
Is starting
To corrupt mine.
Im scared
i will not be like him
I swear it.
Hold me accountable.
I will never hit
Never emotionally criticize
I will not be him!
even if it means
Ending it
**before it starts
Oh god. Help
Hannah Payne Nov 2015
Slugging outside of this imploding cube
Instantly, the air is contaminated,
And only momentarily, will I pollute the entire room,
My jangly displeasure consolidated.
I come in solely as an interior
Burying my face in my cuffs.
You look down at me as I am inferior,
Smiling, with your hands full of ashes and dust,
Of all that remains from our cremated hearts.

Your swift steps reverberates the dilapidated tiled floors
Like the hums of wishes through laboured breathing,
Like the creaking in my head from the pre-vocalizing doors.
Sinking into the essence of my sadness,
Journeying back and forth and back again.
Uncomfortably, through these conditioned doors I crawl,
To seek and assemble words,
To position them like Velcro on the polysyllabic cerebrum walls.
That will shape the size of my cuts and bruises
In undeniable places,
As a mouthful begins to cascade and fall.
Sinking in my invertebrate state,
My physical texture of life
Salutes me once again.
Of the stem of creation,
And unpleasant satisfaction,
Inside my gelatin head.

— The End —