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I live in this world full of love
With the gift of my mother sent from above,
You take care of me even when you're tired
For the nights that I cried.

I am glad to be your child
There's no secrets to hide,
You are my first teacher at home
I never felt that I'm alone.

I learned to do what's right instead of wrong
You never give up on me no matter how long,
Raising me up was never easy
You showered your love unconditionally.

Thank you for supporting me
In everything that makes me happy,
I will study hard to make you proud
And continually live with a faith in God.

You have all of my respect
Even though I'm not perfect,
A mother's love will never be replaced
In every challenge that her children will faced.
Be proud of your mother love them and care for them
Today we are standing in front of our success,
And continue to be independent and presevere to face the challenges,
Without any doubt,
We are confident that we're going to make our parents proud.

Believing in ourselves would make us do what we love to do,
Because there's always someone willing to support you,
Teachers were our second parents at school,
They always lend a hand for the times that we fall.

On our last day,
We must keep going on our different ways,
As wearing a pair of shoes,
That would bring us to the right path that we choose.

We can do our best
And we will together make a difference,
Now it's time to say goodbye,
Laughters and tears are seen in our eyes.

For every challenge that we face
There's always an opportunity for success,
For today's Graduation
Wishing all of you my heartiest Congratulations!
Shane Alimarin Oct 2020

In this world full of mystery
we live and love peacefully.
Love is like a battle for humans,
We have the power to fight for our loveones.

Being inlove is just a normal feeling
But sometimes it becomes challenging,
We need to prepare ourself always
Because love can hurt us in different ways.

Love can give us happiness
But most of us become fearless,
Sometimes love can be a fool
So that we need to be careful.

We couldn't get any information
Some of us undergoes on the process of moving on.
In my opinion, someone can be a reason or just giving us a lesson,
It doesn't really matter to me, I will love you until eternity
In any version of reality.
please support me❤️

— The End —