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Sethnicity Jun 2016
Eyes made a Promise to the Skye
much like Rainbows seen on high
through the celestial vastness nigh
wound in her viridian eye

To be held in reciprocity
supernatural laws binding we
while embracing our humanity
hand in hand we strengthen we

Eyes made a Promise to the Skye
To see thru our redemption, ride
though cloud cover storm or shine
lightning striking I'll stay with thee

Eyes made a Promise to the Skye
To take and make the rules apply
side by side forever to abide
steadfast with you before I  
never not weather vexed or vehment
is the subject of our verb agreement

Eyes may not behold forever
but heart and soul entwined together
So that our forever may be
as a day in eternity

Welkin wonder of Gods promise to me
Selah for my for dolcina
Steve Jul 2016
I met a girl from the Isle of Skye
A crimson beauty so terribly shy
Rarely would she venture out
A fragile soul I had no doubt
When asked if there was a reason why
She looked at me and began to cry

So whenever I hear them sing that song
And watch as others sing along
I close my eyes and hear me sigh
To remember the shy young girl of Skye
For one so small - it seems so wrong
She cried for us all - all along.

Sweat bonny lass, lost flower of spring
Heaven ne'er seemed so high
Carry her home on gossamer wing
To rest in the fields of Skye.

© Copyright SE July 2016
I added the final little verse and it can be sung to the tune of the Skye Boat Song, not too sad I hope.
Skye J Cardoz Jul 2016
You’re a two feet dragon. You’ve cute. Tiny with your essence.
You’re a mini fire breather. You obliterate my pains to dust.
You’re a fire breathing dragon. I catch my breath in your presence.
You’re joy in your protection. Your love is iron strong, never rust.
For Divya G.
High upon this hill, blue an green
My heart races in balm of drizzle,
I taste the seas' shimmers, crofts,
The turf and tobacco betwixt rain
Travel from my village to mind me
That this be an ancient landscape,
I inhale deeply damp Clannish air,
Have come to know winter peace
And all is golden in fey softy days,
In the scours of lamb scented sun.
Francie Lynch Nov 2015
I got stuck on Skye;
There were many
Reasons why.
The ring of mountains
Walled me in,
The blue above
Was closer then,
The blue around
Was too deep,
And the whiskey
Was smooth and cheap.
The chatter of the lads
Was keen;
The beauty of the lass,
Yes, I got stuck on Skye,
Managed to get off
Before I died.
Skye: An island on the west coast of Scotland.
Sun is complaining,
Rain gathers scent,
Wetness remaining,
In a town after lent,

Fog rises above the hills,
Smoking cottages dreaming now,
Stars wait in puddles of sill,
Fish in the seas are teeming, tow,

The moon waves in a hurry,
To hide from the dawn neat,
Crows fly and scurry,
Birds are spry, sleepy,

Wading on lawns,
Like worms in garden,
Or grasses moor tawny,
My heart is drowned,

In the breadth of a snail,
Is a lustrous ocean town,
By the ocean that sails,
In my place which I renown.
Leo Abramson Apr 2015
In the vapor of our first breath
we learned how to lie

In the vapor of our last breath
we learned how to die

In the vapor of the 'in between

Earth meets Skye

— The End —