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BSwiss Mar 19
It range through like fire
Burning out in the rain
Calm it down before it goes higher
It spoils mood and becomes fiercely.
Don't let your anger control you...
BSwiss Feb 19
It rang into my head like a Jingle
Sending a message through my heart
Leaving a foot print of love
And found out it was just a dream.
It was never real
BSwiss Feb 15
Spilling it out like a soy
The world is moving on a low
Not leaving a sign of been slow
Stand up else you will never notice

Chattering voices in the head
Selecting the main word is the key
Choose carefully so not to turn red
It takes a decade to set it right

In the middle of a mole
Greatness overflow
Bringing the sweet sound in a whole
Oh! What an amazing life to choose.
Be careful with the choice you make... Don't rush into, it take it step by step in other not to regret the choice made. Its a Lifetime choice.
BSwiss Feb 15
Silent in the middle of your heart
Embedded with love, pain, joy and
Let it out you don't have to keep it all
Focus on being what you are
Let them say it you don't have to listen
Ocean of self care is running through
Valley of you knowing yourself and
       what ya capable of
Eventually the only gift you could earn
   yourself is loving yourself.
You above anything always love yourself and see how happy you would be..
  Feb 8 BSwiss
I don't feel sad
I don't feel empty
I don't feel angry
I don't feel the void
I don't feel depressed
I don't feel unwanted
I appreciate you being in my life
With on and off breakups
This last one had me reflect
There's more to life than you
There's more to me than you.
There's more to happiness than sadness.

— The End —