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  Mar 2019 unnamed
The dying hero said
To his wife and his beloved children
"I obliged you not to follow the same path I took."

With those words,
His daughter inquired,
"Father, how come not if it was a beautiful path
with those roses and dandelions,
showered by a blazing yellow hot sun
glittered with cotton candy sky
and a bouquet of trees and a choir of angelical wind?"

The hero stared blanky at his daughter
His heart gasped a beat and mouthed the words,
"Singsong the truth without coated sugar,
the world needs the intellectuals
with skills and talents,
neccessary for humanity to survive,
be a doctor who cures the sick,
be an engineer who builds
be a lawyer, be a farmer or a fisher,
anything will do but not the one I am."


"They are nothing without words,
They are nothing but robots,
without the tune of the tongue,
without the ink of the heart,
the world for them is all but rigid,
round but pointed,
with air but not breathing.
Words can **** but words can also heal."

The girl paused, then stand.
"Father can crack the caramel paint
and reveals of what's the truth,
I am who I am
and I am what father can do."

It was midnight.
The hero died.
A dead man and a dead will.
His deed still lives in pages,
and in the veins of his female kid.
A rebel daughter was born.
Her words were nothing for an empty soil.
A dead will and a dead man.
He wrote poems.
unnamed Mar 2019
Poets were cursed with wisdom
Morons were blessed with ignorance
  Dec 2018 unnamed
kiran goswami
I will be waiting for him,
At the end of the world.
Where the stars don't shine,
And there is no sun.
Where the sky isn't blue,
And the wind doesn't blow.
Where people are not found,
And the birds don't fly.
Where the land comes to an end,
And the sea doesn't begin.
Where love can't be seen,
And hatred can't be heard.
Where life is lost,
And death is not found.
Where I can't speak,
And he can't hear.
Where I tell left,
And he walks to the right.
Where the day doesn't end,
And the night doesn't begin.
Where everything is dark,
And darkness is too bright.
Where I cry for him,
And he smiles for me.
Where I become weak,
And he becomes strong.
Where we finally kiss,
And yet don't touch.
So when the night comes,
I'll be waiting for him,
At the end of the world.
unnamed Dec 2018
I was so foolish
I was so dumb
after I've let you go
There's been nothing in my mind but sorrow
I wish that I can be
by your side
This feeling within I can no longer hide
if I could just turn back time
and hug you tight
if I could just turn back time
and kiss you right
if I could just turn back time
and tell you every night
that you are
the love of my life
feeling sad T.T
unnamed Oct 2018
Can you find me in an ocean of people?
Can you find me if i am one in a million pebbles?

Will you sore the skies til you find me?
Or will you just leave me again, leave me empty?

Will you mend my aching heart?
Or will you just rip it apart?

Should i wait til you come back?
Or should i fill what i now lack?

Will i ever see your face?
Or will you never come back to my embrace?

If so then tell me
So that i can be ready

Even if i know that i'll never be
Still i'll try to be
unnamed Sep 2018
If you want to be free
Be free
Go ahead and leave me

Be a bird and fly
Is it time to say goodbye?
Don't worry for i won't cry

For i know you've never loved me
So don't you say you're sorry
Go ahead and leave me

Today i am new...
Today i'll be without you...
Today i'll have to push through...

Now that i'll be without you
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