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Zyxia Oct 2020
Hey, don't worry about me.
Everything's ok in my
Life is good and there's no
Possibility of anything bad happening

My poems and other hobbies make me happy
Everything's great, and you shouldn't worry, ok?
I didn't tell you this, but you should read the first letter of each line.
MSunspoken Dec 2019
A crisp night
Illuminated with the oncoming excitement
A jolly season all in all
Creates an ignorance great enough to fill the world with joy
And create shadows on the truth
To mask any horrid feelings
For -anyone that may be feeling down
Wll be excluded from all the glory-
And so nobody hears it
And they all ignore the drops-
Of crystals into the sky
As the moon sobs high above
Only able to watch everything unfold
While everyone is cheery
And shouting in happiness
They forget the oncoming troubles
That will create a massacre great enough to shroud all hope
Of a Merry Christmas
forestfaith Jun 2018
This day you have made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Yet again, you gave me a chance. I will rejoice and be grateful of it!
Another day to feel your presence! I look forward to the day ahead!
to God
I stand there
I can feel the bass
As everyone is dancing
I stand there
With my arms feeling too long
Too big for my body
Embarrassed and uncomfortable
Something odd happens within
And a darkness bursts out
Of the light and cheery
That is always within me

And just like that
Goes my good mood
an odd experience I had the other day at a dance
usually I have lots of fun
but for some reason, I just was done
and I was kind of rude to some people -- which I regret
but I've thought a lot about it
and I think the reason I was so poopy, was because I was uncomfortable
and I wonder why that's never happened to me before

But I do hope, it doesn't happen again
Genevieve Leake Jul 2015
When this world is no more,
And everything we know is dead and gone,
Will you miss this life?
This stems from a caption I deemed too cheesy for insta.
Shivani Lalan Nov 2014
Anyone would be upset, right?

You took a slice of my cake,
It took me seven hours to bake.
Red Velvet is hard to learn,
That one slice, one should earn.

The vanilla layer was hard to lay out
At least five times, I was wracked by doubt,
Whether the cream-to-butter was three or four
And the icing or the colouring comes before.

No, steal the extra crust you can,
I don’t need it anyway in the pan.
What I wanted was the tiny sprinkles,
That you licked off without a ******.

Go away, don’t touch my cake.
Is funny.
Please Laugh.
When your atoms collided
Like leaves in the rain
Did they ever suspect that they’d create
Something so beautiful and happy and right?
Before though, they were strength and wisdom and might.

They've not changed or altered, only swapped places
To form something so perfect, nothing needs changing.
They've been stars and food and other people alike,
But when they formed you, it was nothing but right.

Your atoms collided in a beautiful way
To form your fingers, your toes, your face.

When I touch your face and to look into those eyes,
I just see more perfection residing inside.

So when I tell you I love you and that you’re perfect
Look at the leaves in the rain
And believe it.
Something a bit more cheery than the other two. Dedicated to anyone who thinks themselves as anything other than perfect.

— The End —