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Because of you
I'm all here
Buried all the pains
Dug a new chapter
Imported new feelings
Seeded hope
Exported all the grievances
Took hold of the promises
Watered the heart
Cementing the broken pieces together
Laminated the smile
And on the wall I nailed it
Began a tireless journey
Wishing for the best
Trusting the eyes
Enjoying the sweet melody
A lullaby I need for a lifetime

Remember those days?
Acting silly and stupid
The ignorance we entertained
The confusion we embraced
Embroidering the hatred
An the mist of pain we got lost
Turning our backs on each other
Anger reddening our eyes
Silence that became a graveyard
Silence that almost murdered our hearts
Intoxicating our feelings
Destroying the taproots of our future
I remember that days
Buried now

Now I smile
For we hold it
In our hands we are molding it
Together moistening the clay
That long ago cracked
With no hope of being a palp again
We have it
We repainted the wall
A new dawn of hope
A beginning of a new chapter
The chills of winter all gone
Summer says hello
With its rain we will puddle
In the mud together
Yes the mud of love we will ***** ourselves
For we buried the past
I wanted it to be forgotten
But they denied it
Why would it pass away like a shadow?
Why would it be likened to a mist?
A flower to their eyes it is
The scent filling their nostrils
Its not a ghost neither is it a myth
But something tangible and real
Something tattooed onto their hearts
They want the whole world to know about it
They want to shout it from the top of a mountain
Its not a corpse that shld be buried deep down the ground
But something special to them all
Though I wanted it to be forgotten,
They came along with their craziness
And helped me to forget ........
Yes I forgot forgetting the unforgettable event
I had a birthday on the 29th of June. I never wanted to celebrate it for some reasons. But on the 30th, my friends and family actually surprised me with a blast and sweet birthday surprise. This poem is for my two dear friends, Lawrence and Sharon.
A bright morning it is
Waking up with a smile placed on his face
Taking each stride with easy
Yes reluctantly marching to his work
A green cap neatly placed on his small hexagonal head
His delicate small hands in his pockets
His cologne making all his female colleagues turn their heads
Longing to have him in their lives
Too bad he is taken
Madly in love with a girl near our hood
A soft spoken person he is
A charmer if not a seducer
"Macho", they call him
Thinking that he is well behaved
Ask us the street youths
And we will reveal his naughtiness
When he hangs with us in the hood
Our pal and guru in the word of mischief
Our chief advisor in the rounds
As we plan crazy stuffs
Teaching us how to smoke ****
Last night we brewed umkhombot together
Smoking shisha and being merry
Yes a gentlemen he is during the day
And a gangster during the night
We never care really
What we know is that
In him we have a best friend ever
umkhomboti is African beer and shisha is a single- or multi-stemmed instrument for heating or vaporizing and then smoking either tobacco, flavored tobacco, or sometimes cannabis, hashish, and in the past *****. This poem is for my friend. He doesn't smoke but was jus messing around to make it a bit interesting

He made a way
That's all I'm gonna say
the hooligan in our hood
bullying us all
he hangs out with rowdy teenagers
who are all stumpy and dumpy
the king of the hood
that's what he calls himself
so cruel and tough
6 feet tall with a freckled face
a mischief maker
whom we all fear
bullying, crying, sad
I'm feeling lazy
Confused and feeling fuzzy
My mind is all groggy
And my surroundings are so hazy
I feel agitated
I jus wanna make a doodle
If I can't be a tinker
I wanna dabble and splash water around
Maybe I should lallylag
Before I dilly-dag
I just want it to be forgotten
A myth it is
A shadow in the midnight
Invisible to the eyes
Buried deep down the ground
Scary to talk about
Yes a different story it is
Without a beginning or ending
I want to celebrate it whilst hiding from the crowd
Yes I want to be all alone
Away from the people I love
A moment of silence
Shutting down myself from others
I want my birthday to be forgotten
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