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I picked the pieces
Put it back together,
Dragged the burden,
For sake of
What we had together?

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving me behind,
So you can flourish

Easy to throw away
The memories weaved
Past, present and future seed

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving this pigeon hole,
For mansion behold

Whispers of sweet nothings
An acidic reminder,
A betrayal painted,
With no remembrance

Bruises I cleared
Promises sweared,
Python to my eternal ores

Then why? Oh why?
Your loved turned selfish
When I’m carrying
A piece of you and me
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JDM Jul 2013
He suffered more than he thought he would ever suffer
He hovered over the demons frolicking in betrayal
How dare they deny the villain they created
the pain has been much to bare but he knew
He knew someday he would long to chase what most fear to face
A choice to embrace the dark despair then vanish without a trace

Stricken by a darkening gray his heartstrings a women played
The punishment is much to endure every soul eventually breaks
So what should the vengeful do for destiny to intervene
Should the vengeful wait he is no longer part of the human race
A table for two drifting in the shadows eyes lost of any soul
One question is left to contemplate then he whispers into the mirror

The phantom's revenge loves vicious betrayal
a terrible tale shall bring your life to an end
© JDMaraccini 2013
let me live Nov 11
when i look back to see if could turn back time
i couldn't
i aged , grew taller and more miserable
from beginning to ending
i knew nothing.

i forget not my struggles
my eyes glisten with tears
relinquished from every thought.

heartbreak , loss , suicide, failure
and ostracization.
betrayal has also become my middle name.

i'm not hurt , i'm dying and it all shall soon end .
Tim Roo Kie Nov 11
People come into our lives and go...
Each person has a role to play,
Rather it is a strong link or weak..

Like a tree, the leaves began to fall...
Wilted and dies but its purpose is fulfilled,
To become manure to feed the new growth

Some people drifts away like driftwoods
Making known no imprints in your life
Gone with no importance
Without showing any memory of their visit,

Some people are there to be Hinderers
Or perhaps, for gains
To improve our patience and stability,
The stronger stays put as your friend
No matter how spiral the situation might be,

Nothing can crack the bond you have built
Through by God, the friendship will not falter
But grows to a perfect perfection,
It holds together through life problems

Head on with memories lasting a lifetime
The weaker will dissipates like the dry winds

Scatter whichever way the wind blows
Neither here, neither there
Just a weak link totally without trust
Neither here, neither there
Scattering in the wind

But one thing I know for sure is,
People come, people go,

What we had was such a long time ago.
You hurt me with your creed,
All you were worried about was your greed.
Once again for my heart you apply,
But saying I love you this time would be a lie.

You've made everything complicated for me,
Why can't you just let me breathe?
So just let this go, let it go,

Because this time I'll have to tell you "Hell Nah"
I locked up my heart and threw away the key,
I'll never let it go, I'll keep it forever like it's my abductee.

People come, people die,
Saying "I Miss You" this time would be a pretty ******* lie.
So I just wanted you to know that I'm leaving.

It might not be now...
Not tonight...
Not tomorrow or the day after...
But someday...
It'd be unpredictably someday...
And never you dare to say you "Missed Me" while I'm gone.
This piece is for those who have been hurt and feels like giving up. I was once toiled, but I kept on striving till I prevailed.
EmilyBatdorf Nov 8
haughty and hateful or pitilessly played,
head freed from embroidered shoulders,
her heart beat, heavy, behind corseted layers.
Temptress or model maiden,
she fell just the same.
The jewel in a king’s crown,
cast away for the next shining stone.
JDM Jun 2013
Some crave to sever a vein
and aim a red stream in the bathroom stall
There's no shame in a ruthless squabble
actions speak louder in a ****** brawl
Practice makes perfect when you write your name
with crimson color on your best friends wall

What goes up must break down
we're all gonna die eventually
Do you want to live forever?
What goes up must look down
with eyes of sincere empathy
Love is a baby strangled and drowned
then covered in lies for society

Love oh love how deaf and dumb
you are to the fact most people lie
After all is said and the betrayal done
I stand my ground as you take my life
I keep this promise safe and sound
no more furious tears to pry
a life of death and romance
I leave my thoughts then die

To those who circle back around
and still I speak so honestly
Heavy is the humble crown
there's no time for arguing
I work best when feeling down
and in the end you're just like me
What goes up must come down
death and romance pound for pound
you made the cut I made the sound
love becomes the enemy
© JDMaraccini 2013
R Nov 5
My girlfriend of five years was spotted in a club kissing my best friend.

I left the place without a word.

To my surprise, I didn’t feel a thing.

I drove my car at a normal speed. Too nonchalant for someone who just witnessed such betrayal.

I got back home, getting back to my room, and sat on the bed, staring at the ring which was wrapped around my finger.

I didn’t ask why, when, or how. I just thought about them and then there’s that. That they were there. Together. Behind my back.

Was I shocked? Of course. Was I sad? That I can’t tell.

It felt as though my emotions died the moment I saw something I predicted before. Was it supposed to feel like this when I found out?

Was I supposed to feel nothing?

I wanted to punch his face, as well as throwing the engagement ring in front of her face, causing a scene and made both of them embarrassed that they were a pair of undeserving fools, but I just left.

And I didn’t regret it. I didn’t regret seeing their questioning faces when I walked out of the club as if nothing happened.

And why was I more bothered with the fact that I didn’t feel anything than knowing my girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend?

What was it from me that had died unnoticed?
I sit through the tunes in my head
by the heat of the ablaze night.
Its grotesque fire bellows inside me,
rage envisaged breaking my soul.

Streams of dots,
haphazard connections,
reels of memories burst through the veins.
Reminiscence of perfidy sting in lapses,
hurt every rib,
every gap in the bones.

Ribbons of lies unravel my skin.
I start to burn.
A corner at first,
then all through the back.
Fumes rise in sync with the flames.
I lose a skin here, a patch there.
Smoke choked my barren eyes.

I believed.
I lost.
I am paying through the ashes of mine.
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