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Godlink Jul 2020
How can just one look at your eyes,

a quick glance at your smile,

make me want to stay,

forever and awhile.
Nyx May 2020
I ask myself the question
How much longer will we last?
You are trying you say
That was also said in the past

(But I know you really are)

Another week?
Another Month?

I'm afraid when you will stop
When you can't go on any longer
When will I be dropped

I wish to stay as long as I can
Stay happily with you as long as I can
I wish for your love
Your happiness
But is staying with me part of the plans

I want a future with you
But I know that may not come true
I just want to stay with you
Awhile longer
Please my dear blue

Another year longer
Give me time to have hope
I've only just retrieved it
I'm trying to cope

I'm begging you won't change
That you'll still want to be with me
You'll still love me dear
That you won't want to let me go

And I'll pray and I'll pray
I'll plead and I'll plead
To the almighty heavens
Looking down at thee

Give us fate, Give us hope
Give us a chance to grasp the fraying rope
Let us keep trying as long as we possibly can
Let me continue holding onto that precious hand

Awhile longer
Let me feel happiness
Just awhile longer
Pc Aug 2019
It seems the harder I try
the less I prevail ,You know well
(Well )that water runs deep , an I’m knee deep in it
Only wanted to soak my feet
seems I’m in over the limit
It’s automatically assumed that you’d know what to do , if life handed you lemons
Nothing is ever easy an I tend to complicate things . That’s life
Brandon Conway Jun 2019
It's been awhile myself
seems I only write
to look busy at work
I have forgotten how
to communicate
always looking for
le mot juste
to tell myself
it's okay.
Liz Apr 2019
It might have been a week since last
What do I know
I don't think about when, where or who

You think so highly of yourself as I look at you
with tease in my eyes
                 but oh baby
it's just a disguise
You are not the one
Not for me

                                                    But easy

In the moment the only thing I see
is you pleasuring me
When I'm done
I leave you
like a piece of toy
left filled with joy
                                                    But easy
It's just for a time
you got the prime
When i find
something new  
You have been chewed

I leave you wanting more
Letting you know I'm out to explore

                    sorry boo
I'm not for you
oh baby
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
It has been a while,
since I last saw your smile.
But I know
that the smile that you give,
is one of the only reasons
why I live.
Some peoples' smiles really mean a lot...
Nyx Nov 2018
It's been awhile since you've crossed my mind
Since I felt those memories and our lives entwined
Our film playing silently in the back
While our lives continue swiftly, steadily on track

And it's been awhile since I've heard your voice
That obnoxious laugh and those playful jokes
Your music that you so passionately create
Those songs you wrote, beautifully defined fate

And that smile of yours that gleamed like the sun
Paired with deep blue eyes like the raging rivers that run
Those dark brown locks that curled ever so slightly around
And for a moment everything ceases to make a sound

It's been awhile since I walked down our path
Since I entered those classrooms, since we were those outcasts
I haven't listened to our songs or read through our texts
I haven't talked about you or gone to such depths

As I remember more then anything they said
I knew you like non of them ever would
Define toxic, manipulative and wrong
But even if it's so, you're still my favourite song

And I loved you my dear, with a sincerest heart
But from the very beginning it was destine to fall apart
I miss you, and everything that we were
Even if now that period of contentment is only a b l u r

We talked for awhile, only moments ago
And it was as if for a second, time would slow
We talked about your girlfriend and for that I'm truly happy
I'm glad you found somebody perfect for you I say
As I attempt not to be too sappy

No matter the past, present and future
I'm glad you were a key part of my life
You gave me the world even if it were just a night
As in a world that is dark you were my light
And for that I'm eternally grateful

It's been awhile
Even so
I still love you all the same

Out of the entire world I live in
You were truly one of the only people I ever loved
And for that all I have to say is
Thank you, for being such an important person in my life
JBH Dec 2017
What is this ....

This feeling I cant explain

This feeling I get

Every time I feel something worth while for anything and it gets taken away

Why ?

I don't know ..
I don't ******* know

Its seems I am Destin  to mess everything up

Everything worth something

And I thought you might be different

That you might be the one thing I was capable of feeling something for without ******* it up


Maybe I was wrong

Maybe you are not different or maybe I am just the same

The same guy that ruins every thing one way or another

What is this ?

This feeling I get every time I **** something up ?


If I had to describe it .

I would say nothing

But a nothing that causes pain in everything that I do

Because no matter what I do

My mind always runs back to you

And then this nothingness returns

Cause I ****** up .....
Ghostwriter Jun 2017
Sorry for what I have done to you and what I'm about to do to you can't live my life anymore live in all the this pain anymore just need a break from this so I'm going to leave for awhile I may never come back but just know that your everything to me you are my light your the reason why I have a true smile now know that I care for you so much more than I do myself....well this is a good bye for awhile
Lydia Feb 2015
with a few drinks
a couple friends
loud music
laughing so hard
it hurts to breathe
it's easy to feel like
everything is right
in life
I've thought for so long
that people who drink their
feelings away had it all wrong
but it turns out I wasn't the one
who was right
I like forgetting about
life for awhile
I like being able to be me
with no restrictions
or concern for anyone's feelings
or even having to worry
about anyone else
All I need is myself
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