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Le Beau Jun 2020
There’s nothing to hide 🌑 no way to 💯 🌎 relate 🌎disagree 🌎disengage we’re 🏃‍♀️ into each other 🌎 are the 🎼 that writes itself the melody replays in the 🔑 of elevated living 🌎forget the 📝 but never forget the feeling glory & divinity conduct our symphony 🌎 are ♾ infinity wrapped in sacred 🔮 🌎are meant for 🌍 are flowing 🌏 are growing 🌏 are open like the Red 🌊 👨‍👩‍👧 walkthrough with 🤩 & 🥳 🌏 kneel here 🌏 🤕 here 🌏 🚪our ♥️s to the heavens 🌏 use our 😢 to 🧼 the 🖼  the 😱 floods us the  💕 is ⚡️ 💋💄💎❤️ 🌏  💃  🕺🏼 in the 🌧 until the 😱is drained because ❤️💋💎💄is the 💡❤️💋💄💎is insight the body 🤕but the 🙏grows the flesh is starving while wisdom overflows.
I got uh question only ABBA knøw the answer too?
Le Beau May 2020
Easy to remember
Hard to forget
Le Beau May 2020
Always get the money its something about the hustle & bustle of everyday life I pick a canvas then paint it how I like with neon lights so I can attract butterflies
Le Beau May 2020
I’m not sure how I intend to make a living but I’m gonna make it out the hood one day I’m not tryna be poor forever & I’m done with going to jail wasted years of my life I can never get back I’m just tryna do exactly what it is I said I would can’t deviate from the mission when u in a stabilized position it’s better to not get noticed then to be looked down upon can’t be stupid nowadays u have to want to survive & u have to keep moving forward to do that I’m thinking to much sometimes so I smoke marijuana to ease my mind & when I see my life through the eyes of the Lord I’ll leave all my worries behind take up my cross daily & live for nobody but Jesus in my room making music for the boredom but I know it’s stupid to waste time on useless projects I hope my journalism isn’t worthless yet I throw them in the garbage instead of saving them for what who wants to read my thoughts I will share my story with u if u would share your dollar with me
Le Beau May 2020
If u don’t got nothing good to say then don’t say nothing at all
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