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Flame Apr 2018
I walked inside the room
All eyes on me
I noticed yours were warm
But I shrugged it off simply

I want to remember every bit of that day
The way you looked sideways
As if looking for someone
But I hid and act as if I was no one

You saw me sitting under a tree
You stared at me as if you really wanted me
You told me things that I wanted to hear
But why did you break my heart dear?

That day
You told me 'let's just run away'
But sideways you looked again
And mumured I don't want you more than just a friend
Pornika Ganguly Mar 2018
Thou pierce thyself with thy dagger,

Moans of pain and anguish resound,

Thy comely grace reduced to a stagger

Splatter’d with glistens of blue blood embrowned

Thy fair brow quivers in disdain,

As thy firm resolves shake

All lies in naught and vain,

Akin to the incessant drops in thy wake;

‘Tis not an assay to summon the morrow

Nor honey to the swarming bees

An imperial flight for thy sorrow

Destined to traverse the impenetrable seas;

Perchance someday the ship shall capsize,

Beneath it shall be buried all the truth and lies.
A T Bockholdt Jan 2018
Lucy, you’re all white
bone-dry hands
but ya face ain’t calm—

Said you were almost complete
dancin on your two feet
but that rouge never lasts till dawn.

Girl you’ve walked the night
long as we can remember
whole worlds seen your hips sway—

Ever wish your secrets had stayed buried?
Baby, s'too late to worry
you’ve been embalmed in fame.
Fun fact: only 51% of young Americans (under 30) believe in evolution. Which means 49% do not, and that statistic is higher in older demographics! Lucy is the oldest, "most complete," skeleton of a human (female) that we have found to date! She's 3.2 million years old
Youdont Needthis Jan 2017
From holy flame thy frame was wrought
Through war cry praise thy name was brought
By scholars taught and by fighters cheered
In wooden gaze thy soul revered
Thus beneath the blaze thy name was seared

Of soil born
By sweet land nourished
In corpse cremation
Thy strength hath flourished

Volcanic is thy raging force
Titanic is thy fullest span
Crash forth through giant’s iron cage
Gorge on the feeble corpse of man

At silent light of quiet dawn
Near lake of waters chilled
The wine is slowly poured
The eight skulls are filled

With violent blast of hunter’s horn
Thy food shall be roped and bound
Thy chosen daughter shall raise an ax
Inflict the righteous glorious pain

Once thy food is severed
Thy blessing shall flow fast from its chunks
Thy daughter shall drink it quick  
She shall not spill a single drop

The wine of the eight skulls shall sweeten
With presence of thy oaken scent
Divine wrath shall envelop all
After thy jaws are fully fed
Feliz G Nov 2016
For thine soul needs none of thy assistance.
When you've been reading the Divine Comedy over and over and decided to have a take at Old English. I'm pretty sure I ain't doing it right
a May 2016
Thine hours shed themselves,
Moment upon minutes upon hour
   curtsy to thy shining name,
leaden with embellishments
of snow and americas of golden
          Stained time, spilt;
to denounce thine image.
prompt: the sun rising, john donne
neonatrocity Sep 2015
Empty homes with dying fires
the fall to follow Rome,
   a light to burn the empires.
Torn children's clothing piled on funeral pyres
Abandoned hallways, crumbling spires

Unorganized, unreliable, unfit to be king,
    solemnly awaiting what his future will bring
The frost and wilt, deepening their wound until spring
His decade of rule, never sparing anything

Watch the skyline, now kiss it lightly
find the final flower and hold it tightly
Petals will fall, plunging into the universe of the unsightly
Mourn its beauty, and pray for a world more sprightly

Scaffolding in ruins, hallways lonely all along
The final moment of the crown,
   a serenade of sparrow song
A lively toast to a drawn-out life that went all wrong
Wounded always, but shallowly at most,
'Life', as they say, 'must go on'

Towns rebuild, and castles to destruct
Earth's natural tears drown and erase ten years' bad luck
Winter melts away, and the world's icy soul thaws at last to interrupt
The cold, once widely-told chattering of a kingdom corrupt

Corroded statues, no more laughter at all
A new man settles in, the trigger for the downfall
The world freezes again, crops iced once more, and the livestock dead in every stall.
  If there was ever a valid point to living a life,
     the people could never recall
Death-throws May 2015
how likely am i, to be what i am
then how likely you are to be  but a scar
I am Not A steryotype,
i am archaic in my design, so fail me not in my attempts to justify myself
but allow me to traverse the insantity of my delusion ,

delinquint similarities rattle us to the core, yes.
but thou hast taken to devouring my being
i know i prolong my suffering with intermitten relapses
but my storm in a tea cup is just chaos incarnate,
dont devour my soul , but take my heart, let me love you like only i know how
in a fashion that only you shall recieve

my dear you are not one of thousands, or hundreds or dozens akin
you are only one, and one only for me
dont despise my loss of time, or addiction to the unsavoury,
but take me to a place i have not seen, to see a part of myself
yet unseen
you think i am disposed and discovered, traversed by all manner of explorers,
not true,
you are the first to try unravel how i have formed, geographic mountainscapes carved from a violent and reactive past can be cut down to feilds
just pull me a part one pebble at a time
Bitter shouting remedies
Wailing in the streets
Beggars wanting more than just
The crumbs off royal seats
Fancy ******* lunatics
Brainwashing people like twits
So ******* what
If I'm female
And want to ***** her ****?
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