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ᏦᏗᏖ Jul 21
I don’t trust myself with you.
I’ve built myself a lonely cage.
I use my fear as my protector.
But sometimes, I open the cage.
Step-out to breathe in the fresh air of what could be,
then get terrified with the first breath I inhale,
and I go back in.
Because I’ve learned that the more people you let into your life,
the more vulnerable you get.
The easier it is for them to walk out.
And so I will suffer in silence.
Because I'd rather be lonely.
Than happy then broken.
ᏦᏗᏖ Apr 7
You were the one who knew me the most.
Who knew my flaws and my best attributes.
You knew when I was mad and you knew when I was happy.
But what you didn’t know was how I felt towards you.
My feelings were as strong as an earthquake.
As hot as fire.
And you...
Well, you were cold as ice.
You knew every part of me and used that to your advantage.
You stripped me down until there was nothing left.
You used your ice pick of a heart to pick away my soul.
You left me with one thing.
My hope.
With that, I started back up.
I began to heal myself little by little.
I used my hope to my advantage.
I hoped you’d leave.
And you did once you were finished with me.
I hoped I would soon be happy.
And I was by finding someone who loved me for me.
I hoped a person like you would never come back.
And well that is something I will always hope.
ᏦᏗᏖ Feb 23
A woman without a voice.
Her mouth sewn shut, by the ones who deem her nothing but a servant.
A woman with no strength to declare her worth.
She is to be given the right of speech by others who constantly steal it.
Her screams can be heard from miles away.
She is clawing out of the hole they dug for her.
Stay they say in order to keep her obedient.
She stays quiet.
One wrong look and she'll be killed.
She is a prisoner in her own home.
In her own body.
She wants to escape but she is trapped.
The only way out is through the lonely dark road.
She starts her journey.
Slowly she cuts the sutures.
One by one the light gets brighter.
Her voice begins to sing.
And finally, her captors are gone.
Never to be mentioned again.
She starts her new life with freedom on her shoulders.
With every step, she realizes that she is something remarkable.
Call her a feminine masterpiece.
ᏦᏗᏖ Feb 23
It is so crazy how much I can invest in someone.
How much love and affection I constantly give.
How much time and effort I hand out whenever they’re upset or in pain.
My question is who is there for me?
Who will give me the same amount of love and affection I constantly hand out for free?
I’m not Oprah.
Who is gonna give me the time and effort I deserve?
I’m not a ….
ᏦᏗᏖ Jan 5
Motherly earth you are beautiful.
With your green pastures.
And your crystal blue waters.
For the living creatures, you provide sanctuary.
A place to call home.
  From the dangers of the world, you provide a sheath of protection.
With your winds acting as a weapon.
You are beautiful.
With your divine skies, It creates bliss.
A feeling of gratitude.
For you give us everything.
We owe you nothing but our thanks.
For we will continue to care for you.
Even though it may not seem as so.
We owe.
For without you there would be no home.
No living creatures, that you behold.
No precious flowers.
Or the fresh air, that comes from your trees.
There would be nothing without your beautiful existence.
Thank you, mother earth.
ᏦᏗᏖ Jan 3
One strok-e of paint can show a million words.
It can make something out of nothing.
It can tell the story of many.
It can create intimacy between two people.
It can create a sense of connection.
It can release the feeling of comfort.
It can make one angry.
Or sad.
Or happy.
One strok-e of one color at one time.
Can change the meaning of one's life.
They blurred out the word, yes I'm aware of the typo. lol. The poem wasn't the same without it.
ᏦᏗᏖ Jan 3
Positivity can change the world for the better.
Negativity can destroy it.
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