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Desire Dec 2018
I never
to hurt you.
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I’m falling deeper
Into the water
I’m being suspended
By the hope of tomorrow
But as I fall
I think of you
And I’ve sunk deeper
And no light can go through

I’ve been waiting for a lifetime
What’s another minute
I’m in my perfect world
But without you
I’d leave it all in a minute

You’re all I desire
I want to be consumed by your fire
Nothing can stop us
If we lie here together
On the brown grass
Our attraction never tires

Kiss me
Make me feel alive
Like the ocean and its waves
Love me
Like the sun shines throughout the day
Touch me
Before this world turns gray

I need you
Like the world needs the day
Let me kiss you
And show you I’m okay
The world revolves
Around the Sun
But my world revolves
Around your vitality
I hope our forever is enough
You’ll never stop loving me
I love you my sweet honey bee
Julie Apr 2016
Death came at my door this morning,
It was bland and cold and awoke my tears with its raspy voice.
I started caving in, my eyes shutting blindly from the light.
Death wasn't dark. It was godly looking and bright.  

It came from the shadows like a star,
Hiding with the constellations that drew my lips in endless heights.
I never imagined death could look so cruel;
becoming the one thing I loved the most.

Death stopped in front of me and I watched my life wear out,
pain tugging at the seams like claws from Freddie Krueger's gloves.
It was a nightmare yet it was dressed in eloquence.
For a second peering into its eyes, I thought it was life.

It pulled out its hand, falling in love with the fear in my eyes.
I fell to my knees and began to cry.
It was so bright I could no longer see,
but I did what I always do and left my lover to bleed.

— The End —