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Nov 2015
Nothing seems to be certain
Nothing ascertained
Still nothing to worry,
absolutely nothing.

Nothing in the present,
nor anything related to the future
There is absolutely nothing to worry.

Moment by moment each moment passes by
Over a period of time the present becomes a thing of past,
the future becomes present
It’s time that has passed.
As of now everything in the present is a thing from past
Moment by moment each moment passes by.

It's the present moment in time that will decide and tell what needs to be done in the future
It's time to ascertain the future
Time only will tell what needs to be done in the future.

A proper line of action needs to be taken
Decide, judge, decipher, do all that seems proper, but take a proper line of action
It's important.

Once the right line of action is taken, then wait for the result
It’s better to wait and watch, then decide what's the right line of action that needs to be taken,
once deided, then proceed towards the same.

If everything seems to be right
If everything is planned and set according to time
If everything is falling in it’s proper place along with time
Then now is the moment in time to decide what’s going to happen in the future
Now is the time to ascertain the future.
aniket nikhade
Written by
aniket nikhade  Nagpur
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