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Urban Jul 2016
calmly be, just be
bow to pain and joy both,
with equanimity
Proxii May 2016
You make me glisten,
With exciting melodies.
Call me Yours tonight.
Urban Mar 2016
chocolate rabbits
chase the spring to come
only the eggs dyed
Urban Mar 2016
weekend solace nears
tears of grapes, oak fermented,
tastes of summers past.
Urban Mar 2016
sharp blades scar the ice,
to sound less is soundness.
we skate in silence.
Urban Mar 2016
how cold this night is,
am I falling from your grace?
ice grazes my heart.
Urban Mar 2016
as autumn leaves us,
wind tears through the landscape.
we spring into life.
Urban Mar 2016
outside winds whisper
the damp night yearns for the dawn
sleep hides between thoughts
Urban Mar 2016
peaceful morning walk
the sun caresses the snow
dog chases shadows
Gold Dec 2015
Starry night, over the
hills, I am mourning my youth,
watching comets fall.
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