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Juneau 7d
there is a growing storm
brewing on the inside
every day it rages away
it's getting harder to hide

this storm takes place
in all of my thoughts
brings with it confusion
sinister schemes and plots

how can i support myself
with all this heavy rain
building up on the inside
and messing with my brain

when it gets too much for me
all this gloom and doubt
i tip my head downward
and the rain starts to leak out
September 24, 2014

inspired by shel silverstien
Juneau Oct 2020
Eyes I dare not meet
As we begin our own defeat

Snuffing out the flame
So perhaps we no longer feel the pain

The flame's brought to smoke and ash
No longer will our hearts clash

Although I am in my own personal hell
Dispite that fact I still wish you well
October 1 2020

Thanks for 5 years I'll miss you
Juneau Jul 2020
One column.
Two Sentences.
You choose the headline.
Deplatform and silence.
Coerce and align.

One month,
Two calamities.
Refresh and it's gone.
Nothing remains
in focus for long.

Digest the digests;
digests of every kind.
Fruitless echo-chambers
self-censoring the mind.

Theaters, Airplanes,
Public transit; Empty seats.
Next weekend two protests.
Let me hear you in the streets.

Gamma correct the pores
off the very face of life.
Featureless perfection.
Expression goes under the knife.

Flowers now grow upon flowers
instead of good rain and black loam.
Flowers feeding off fireworks;
Their roots' refusal to go home.

If I am to meet my fate
by my expressions in the past.
Let these words here written
be my very last:

Towards thee I roll.
Thou all-destroying but unconquering whale;
To the last, I grapple thee;
From hell's heart I stab at thee;
For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
With broken haul and tattered sail
torn to pieces while still chasing thee.
Sink forever into the violent sea.
Though my fate is now tied to thee.
Thou ****** and acursed whale!
Sixty-six maybe
July 26, 2020

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I stole some lines from Moby ****
And Fahrenheit 451
Juneau Jul 2020
A low crescent moon shining on a dark winter's night
In this forest there's a pond which gives the whole town a fright

This pond has a danger which all the townsfolk know
They have abandoned this whole area to the glamour of snow

The pond is leagues from here, further than a hectare
Upon this forsaken pond at night skates a glowing spectre

A figure all in shadow; in the blackness glowing white
Twirling and gliding in the darkness dancing all through-out the night

Dancing alone so gracefully and serene
Dancing for no-one with no desire to be seen

Her black and blue pond is lined with snowy trees
Blowing from her direction; a cool and ominous breeze

If you try to focus on her the image will surely shift
Her movements appear inhuman, rolling like a snow drift

Doubt your eyes for even a second and she will disappear into shadow
It will appear as if you saw nothing; as if she were sifting snow

For those who have caught sight of her a mere glimpse will not suffice
When she gazes back upon you, you will step out on that ice

I can't say what she'll do to you, although I assume you'll be drowned
I can't even say for certain if a body has ever been found

This may sound like an old wives tale, full to the brim with animosity
Just do yourself a favour my lad, and keep still your curiousity
January 13 2020

Inspired by Algernon Blackwood - The Glamour of Snow

For some reason this one is always invisible
Juneau Jan 2020
Our fixation with hand held machines
And replacing meals with soybeans
A spectator to arguments over vaccines
We're all underemployed and "getting-by" by other means
Living vicariously through our broken screens
Lobotomized and abused; nearly at-risk teens
Utterly lost in so many depression memes
Farmed and sent out from the Phillipines
Too desensitized to hear our own internal screams
January 2nd 2020
Juneau Dec 2019
(Seen Jun 15)

(Seen now)

We used to talk so often
I wouldn't even say hello
A chat was always pending
My phone always aglow

All that I wanted
was to see how you are getting by
I've been trying to for ages
Without a single reply

I know you won't answer
Even before I hit send
Remind me again when-
our friendship came to an end?

I tried to say hi
Recently after your latest post
I guess, a sense of belonging
Is the one thing I miss most
We used to talk for hours
But now you are only ghost

Nine years have passed
Since we were in highschool
Maybe I just haven't moved on
Believing we're still friends like a fool
December 30 2019

Seen at 12:36am
Forever a creep

Are there too many "hi's" at the top preventing people from reading?
Juneau Apr 2019
After two days on a drinking binge
My nose began to turn red
After three days of having drunken fun
I noticed that the party was dead
And the story it told of the good times that flowed
It made me sad to think it would end

You see I've been in the basement drinking a beer with no-name
It's taste and low price is insane
Intoxicated, I wont remember the name
So there ain't no point buying labeled again
La la la la Lala la Lala la la la
Sixty-something (two drunk)

April 4 2019

America - A Horse with no name parody
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