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juneau Apr 5
After two days on a drinking binge
My nose began to turn red
After three days of having drunken fun
I noticed that the party was dead
And the story it told of the good times that flowed
It made me sad to think it would end

You see I've been in the basement drinking a beer with no-name
It's taste and low price is insane
Intoxicated, I wont remember the name
So there ain't no point buying labeled again
La la la la Lala la Lala la la la
Sixty-something (two drunk)

April 4 2019

America - A Horse with no name parody
juneau Feb 17
what time was it
what was your age
when you first found out
that it's all just staged
from their instagram account
to their facebook page
it's all just made up
so they are not upstaged
they exaggerate their life
as their follows rose
they take a hundred shots
to get the perfect pose
so don't get caught up in it
you're not missing out
these apps intend to create needs
and to fill your life with doubt
be aware as you scan your feeds
it might be time to log-out
repeat this line just as it reads
i am not missing out
February 16, 2019


fear of missing out
juneau Feb 16
i lost my job
but that's okay
i'ma play this banjo
all ******* day

so listen up now
i think i sound great
i'm playing a new style
where the note's a little late

i'm going to play for you
this song i wrote
let me grab the lyrics
from inside my coat

this will be the first time
that i've played this song
so please forgive me
if i play it a little wrong

now hey pretty lady
you don't look glad
i didn't think my song
was all that bad

she didn't like my song
and it doesn't feel cool
i lost my job
and i'm a banjo fool
February 16 2019

juneau Feb 13
the roses are dead
the violets are too
if you want to join them
i'll come with you
February 12 2019


more like

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you want dr. oetker's quattro framaggio
I'll walk to shoppers and buy us two
juneau Feb 11
it was not quite morning, yet, i woke in my bed
in the doorway there was darkness and a black figure i read
standing in the doorway in silence, not a word, nothing said
i could just make out its eyes: yellow, and black with a hue almost red
it was staring at me filling me full with dread
i saw it's hands rested on the doorframe with fingers spread
i tried not to scream but an airy hiss left my head
as all of my courage and sanity fled
then i swear this figure, back into the darkness it bled
until i could no longer tell it from the shadows at the foot of my bed
February 11 2019


Couldn't sleep last night
juneau Jan 25
i sweat and sweat and sweat and sweat
my under arms are always wet
basting myself in my own vinaigrette
i’ll never be the cool guy in the corvette
blasting his tunes with an old school cassette
with a blonde on his right and in the back a brunette
i’ll always be this soggy piglet
you’d think i could just shower and then i’d be set
but NO! don’t you see these pits are a leaky faucet
January 25, 2019

juneau Jan 19
i'm a disgusting *******
a red and shiny white head zit
pulsing, thrashing in a fit
about to pop, ooze and bleed a bit
i’m just no good. i must admit
i drink, i smoke, i cough and spit
i’m not myself; a counterfeit
a lying and scheming hypocrite
a horrible and disgusting utter misfit
who's up all night to drink and sit
sinking further into a deep dark pit
while my mind slowly twists and breaks a bit
January 19, 2019


does anyone even read these anymore?
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