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  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
Rafael Melendez
She said you can hate me as much as it would hurt. She sobbed as she cried those words. For the love of my life to ever even consider that I could hate her, it broke my heart.
How could I ever possibly hate her, she created me.
  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
When I think of you,
My pen cries tears,
And I'm hoping they will send to you
The words I wish I could say,
The words I should have said.
I guess I have kept these feelings for so long.
  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
It’s just me... thinking.

I used to sleep close to your heart
you held me tight,
kissed my head goodnight.

You said,

"This is how I would have us sleep
all of our nights."

I stayed because I loved the sound of your heart
beating while I slept.

I would wake up and you would look at me
and kiss me good morning.

One night your hold on me

No more good night kisses.
No more good morning kisses.

You said,

"I'm just tired."

I took that as your word.

I stayed because I still loved the sound
of your heartbeats.

Then one night
you turned your back to me.

No more kisses.

This time not a word.

I hold on you still,
from behind,

because I miss the sound of your heartbeat.
This is my first ever written poem. I wrote this poem the time of my depression ... where I am falling to the abyss... and I am trying to survive...

This was publish last year from another site.
  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
Nessa dieR
With the brightest colors you've seen
But she hides them behind her back
For they tell where she has been...

At  night she can be found
Writing metaphors from her heart
For her head, deep in the ground,
Has a secret tearing her apart.

*Dear butterfly, spread your wings
There's a world out there for you,
What you're feeling, all these things
Aren't healthy for us two.
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
Do we not see?
How the time is slipping,
Like sand through our fingers?

We try to stop it,
Closing our hands into fists,
Hoping it won't escape through the holes.
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