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 Sep 2019 stopdoopy
 Sep 2019 stopdoopy
I may be your world
But you seem like a spaceship
Flying to another planet
And I wish my gravity
Could pull you back in.
i wake up and i dont miss you
or wish you
were here

i get in my car and i don't feel
the heel
of your hand on my cheek

i read my old poems and i'm not in love
like i was
before this

who knew i'd be okay
without you , dear ?
 May 2019 stopdoopy
i can’t laugh the way i used to laugh.

not for you ...
and not here...

and i can’t create circles just to
run around in
squares, as if i didn’t give you
a piece of me and then
more than all that...

do you remember how we would
watch movies together,
about girls with white hair who would
go swimming
in oceans made of trees?

and do you remember how you
never used to tell me i was wrong,
back when you still understood that it
wasn’t your
to fight me...

i remember that.
I want to write again
 Apr 2019 stopdoopy
Therese G
I am bound to you as you are bound to me.
Have we become what should never be?
Trapped in your heart as your are trapped in mine,
it goes on and on - the passage of time.

Close the door behind you and count to ten.
Think of me and open it again.
I am chained to you as you are chained to me.
Is this the way how everything should be?
 Jan 2019 stopdoopy
you stand among us,
as though we were not shattered when
you took apart all that we made
to give you...

and i become that seething
mess on the floor...
when you tell me that you are leaving again,
as if i didnt just
create love to place in
your hands,

a kiss and a blooming rose, you
are all that i am,
and yet
still i feel lonely,

as you stand before me,
naked and in pieces,

but singing on a stage that i made just
for you.
can you believe this is about steven universe? i wrote lines 5-8 yesterday but they fit so well into this...... and lines 9-11 are perfect... I dislike the end but there’s nothing better.
Jeff Bezos is a billionaire,
My uncle is a millionaire,
I am also on the list at the end,
A nillionaire.
Nillionaire a person with little or no money.
 Nov 2018 stopdoopy
 Nov 2018 stopdoopy
I’m mourning a love that was dead too long ago.
I was late.
Like I was late to notice that your eyes refused to meet mine.
Like I was late to notice the stiffness in your embrace.
Like I was late to notice that your lips don’t taste the same.
Like I was late to notice you didn’t say ‘I love you’.
I knew things were rough.
But things get rough.
But you get through them as a team.
But I was late
To notice we were never a team.
I was late to notice that every hope I had In you was empty and meaningless.
Like I was late to notice I lost myself completely to you.
Like you are going to be too late to notice you lost the universe.
Like you will be too late to notice that you had the best thing.
But by then I will be grown again
I will be stronger than I was before and your words will no longer touch me.
You will be too late to reel me in again.
You will be too late to win my love back.
You will be too late.
And I will be just on time.
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